Sunday, August 30, 2009

A afternoon with the Putts, Tronkies and Cabs

Today I headed out to Richmond for church, it had been awhile since I'd seen the peeps out there and the sun was shining, so thought it was a good excuse to take the motorbike out for a spin.

After church it was decided that we would all head back to Ricky and Vienna's for lunch

I think Steve was trying to measure up some of the stories going on :)

Don't you just hate it when someone is just snapping pics off

I got to have a few cuddles today

Another great shot

After a hard day at church, what else to do but have a snooze on the couch

Another cuddle buddy

It was good to catch up with all you guys and this is another blog for you all. haha. Thanks for lunch :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A couple of days with the East Warders

This blog will be big on pics as my facebook seizes up when I try to upload pics, but blogger uploads without a problem.

I was looking forward to this weekend for awhile as the East ward youth from Launceston were coming up for a temple trip and Aaron was coming up with them as a leader. I picked Aaron up friday night and dropped him off at the temple accomodation and I grabbed a football ticket they had got for me as they were all going to watch the Swans vs the Cats at Homebush Saturday night.

After playing and winning footy by over 100 points, I went home and showered and found out where they all were and drove down to Bi-Centennial park at Homebush as they had all been to DFO shopping and then went over to the park to eat. I had only been to the park for work late at night, so it was nice to see how nice it was during the day.

We filled in sometime by kicking the footy around before we walked over to the stadium.

Aaron was funny, one minute he was fooling around and the next he was a real serious teacher getting everyone to listen to what was going to happen, it was funny to see, especially the comment by one young lady about him having two personalities. haha

The pre game entertainment were by some Abba wannabes

This poor boy was wishing he was at the crows vs hawks game at the G on friday night

There were a few people at the game for the first time ever, Adam thought it was great and said he didnt realise how good it was to be at the game.

Tayla was estatic with the result as she was going for the cats as her granddad or uncle Jim follows the cats and so she had a scarfe for them.

Just before heading to the airport they all headed up to the temple for some photos and a little meeting, I'm sure you'll all be filled in and many more pics to come from people on the trip.

You couldn't ask for better weather, very nice and sunny and a warm 27 outside today, just glorious, hope your enjoying the rain down home.