Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lest We Forget

This is the first year that Pop hasn't been around for an ANZAC day march, it was always special to see him march in Deloraine and see his smile and proud look. Pop has always been my hero, the person I would look up to and would always want to be around.  

Sometimes hero is a word used too frequently, but not so with Pop, he served in the war and would do anything for anyone, there was one time when one of my cousins and I were staying in Pop and Nan's old shack with both of them, and a pack of bullets accidentaly got knocked into the fire and with Nan, my cousin and I in the room, the bullets started to go off and Pop came rushing in and grabbed us all and pulled us out.

You will be missed everyday, love you and Nan for your examples

Monday, April 19, 2010

A baby blessing and get together

Yesterday the 18th of April, Ryan and Nicole Hargeaves had their newest edition to the family blessed in Richmond Chapel, her name is Ame'lie Isabella Hargreaves and I was blessed enough to be invited to her blessing.

Bro John Hargreaves was able to be over here for the blessing.

One of Ryan and Nicole's friends little girls

I had fun snapping pics of all the kids running around and playing and doing their thing.

Sister Colleen Hargreaves and two of her grandkids.

The proud parents
Ame'lie and her Dad sharing a moment.

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's back on!!!

In training for the next Stake footy match
Yep were back, got a few touches, thats all we wanted
Dave is always being flashy, going after all the big huge Speckies
There's always next week!!!

What do you think of the new uniform?  I got a top that actually fits this year, not the dress that I've been playing in the last few times.

Oh and for the record Dave played first grade and I was in the reserves and we both had over 50 point wins, that hasn't happened for as long as I can remember playing for Penrith

Monday, April 5, 2010

Learning photoshop

Lisa has been trying to teach me photoshop over the internet, there's alot of questions all the time, and Emails and phone calls flying off everywhere all the time.

Sassafras Tasmania

One of my very close friends daughters

Two of Ryan Hargreaves kids

Aaron and the boys wrestling

Fiona Harding took photos for our family and a few of the rest of us were running around with out own cameras capturing different moments.

Very sticky delicious mess.

You can tell which photos were taken with my old camera and which one's are taken with the new DSLR

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Up the creek with a paddle

Come with me on a trip, we could spend the day inside or like people u will see in a little bit fishing in the river, but strap in and I'll even do the work for you.
Come bob on in, well actually were off to Bobbin Head. up the Hawkesbury/Nepean river, a little piece of a national park.
The birds are chirping and tweeting, there is a tranquility to our day, just lots of natural sounds and splashes in the water as we paddle up a little river.
We will encounter lots of different species, even a spider sunning itself on a rock

The fish are plentiful, as we paddle or lazily flat along, the water changes from deep enough not to see the bottom, to very shallow in parts, where we just scrape the kayak in the sand if we don't go in the right channels.

The rocks are stunning, with alot of different colours and textures, we do some exploring and decide to climb up and have a look around, the little crabs soon scatter as they see us coming towards them, they are red in colour, but so small and scittish, you cant get a shot of them.

Bobbin Head has a few boats moored there, one day, we like to dream that we will have a flash boat as well, but then we could't head up the little inlet as it's not for motored vessels.
It's a popular spot for Easter Saturday, families are strolling along and talking, kids are playing or riding bikes and there are alot of people wetting a line, trying to catch something worth keeping.