Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jordan and the Pink Machine

Last night Eden came and picked me up and he and Chloe and I went to the community centre to watch Jordan Christie play his grandfinal for basketball. It's suprising some of the people they will let in.
Not sure what Jordo is up to here, perhaps he's wondering whats happened to the other team?
Tayla and I were laughing at him lifting his shorts up and caught it on film.
The End prize after annihilating the other team.
Some of the rambunctious crowd

Chloe knows who to go for food, first she had lollies and juice, then chips, 2 packets she helped share with Tayla and then Jayne
An Easy win to Jordans team by about 30 points.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Locals

Today I had a visit from one of the locals, I think she thought she was the queen or something, she liked to get right up and close and see what I was up to. Luckily I was on my best behaviour and she soon left the window seal and got back to it. Mum and Dad have a few sheep lambing at the moment. First it was one, then the next night twins, then another one and sometime today another single, but this one didn't make it.

Another of the locals getting up and personal to me. Not scared this one, it wanted to lick me.
And fatso, well her real name is Tracie, I named her, she used to be my dog when she was a pup and was destroying things like the cyclone, hence the name. She became Dad's dog, when I got sick a few years back.
As I was walking through the paddocks to try and get the shots of the lambs( The little beggars kept running, hence the bad shots especially with my phone camera) I was thinking with spring here, how we would use to come home from church and we'd feel like mushrooms and so we'd grab a knife each and some buckets and off to the paddocks we'd go to find some. When our luck wasn't good we'd grab our knife and spin it in the air and which ever way it fell on the ground and pointed we would follow that direction. Personally I wish everything in life was that easy to follow, mightn't have worked everytime, but it was sure fun.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Slice of Paradise

My friend David and I are always talking about owning a weekender, not just a building, but some land as well. Somewhere we can escape the weekly grind, well for me lately that doesn't count, but you get my point. We talk of some land where we can have a little shack, some room for dirt bikes, a little dam for fish and generally just getting out there and relaxing and enjoying the outdoors abit.

Nope this isn't mine, well it felt like a slice of paradise at times, and luckily I was lucky enough to grow up on this bit of land. Many a raft race was taken down this stretch and I believe we still have the devonport raft racing trophy here at Mum and Dad's somewhere.

The scene of many Easter camps and egg hunts plus many hours on the tractor slashing, cutting, mowing or getting hay in

The tractor that always seemed to be flat and you would have to find another vehicle to jump start it. Run starting was never an option unless you were smart enough to park it on a very steep incline.
I've always been an outdoors boy for working, I've never wanted to be inside and stuck behind a desk, not that there is anything wrong with that of course.
I'd love to be able to sell my house at sometime and then to be able to purchase a nice few acres and then have a few cows and the things Dave and I discuss and to be able to build a house on the property. I must admit I'm biased to the north part of Tasmania, always have been, so for the last week or so I've been looking on the net and dreaming that if I had some spare cash where would I buy and how much. 50 acres would be a nice little start I think
I'm not expecting anything flash, you get what you pay for, but I like a challenge, no matter what it comes too, I think nothing comes easy. Even if it's like mostly bush, I'm up for the challenge of clearing a little of it and sowing it down with a little grass.
So the question needs to be asked if you were to buy land, where would you buy? where is the best part of northern Tasmania? It's not a rhetorical question, I'd love to find out what you think, so comment me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cousin sleep over or a Double Murder at Grandma's and Pa's

Has your curiosity got the better of you and you just had to flick on the blog and see what has happened? It was an interesting night at Mum and Dad's a couple of nights back.
Nicki had come to stay with Little Alex and Maddi and on Tuesday Becky had an appointment with the Dentist, so it was decided that Kelsea would come over and stay for the night. Everything was fine for awhile, but during the afternoon Kels would go "mum gone away" but she would soon recover. She and Maddi were kept entertained by Mum for the afternoon, with Kelsea finally starting to chat to me and bring me things just before her nap. Nicki went out to the car for something and Kelsea went hysterical thinking she had left, Saying "Nicki gone away"
The girls were put down for a little snooze and after awhile I heard some noise from Maddi, so I went in and rescued her, and she goes Chook, pointing out the chicken outside the window. About 5 minutes later I heard Kelsea crying, so I went in and she was calling for her Mum, So I went to get her out of the cot and she started screaming, well I tried again and she screamed louder, so I went out and Mum and Nicki were coming to see what the commotion was, so I go, she doesn't want me. haha.

I had to steal this picture from Lisa's Blog so you could see the two in question
The rest of the night went okay until it came to bedtime. The girls were put down and for the next hour at least, there was at least one of them screaming if not both of them at the same time. One would start a blood curdling scream and then the other (This is where I have to add a footnote for Nicki as she says Maddi is usually really good) would take over. I came down stairs after awhile and Mum and Nicki were playing cards and ignoring the commotion going on.
Well I head back upstairs and after awhile Mum comes upstairs with a big grin on her face and goes Kelsea was saying " Mum gone, then grandma gone, then Nicki gone, then grandpa gone". What she found was hilarious though was that Kelsea was calling out for Uncle Chrish, even though she wouldn't come near me. After awhile Maddi fell asleep and then about 20 minutes later Kels fell asleep.
The next day they were pretty right as rain, they were playing around and dancing with Grandma to the dixie chicks and having a great time. Still couldn't get kels to have much of a chat to me though.
It's lucky Mum and Dad live in the country or the neighbours might have called the police with all the noise and commotion here the last few days. A murder it wasn't, but you could have been forgiven to think it was at times.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

While Auntie Deidre is Away, Uncle Kim will Play

After Church on Sunday, I was kicking back and Mum and Dad was asleep and the phone rang, being half awake it was up to me to answer it, luckily I did it was for me, Uncle Kim was on the phone and invited me up for a Sunday roast with some other Young People as he put it. Good to see i'm still classed as young by some.

Well when I got there, running late as per usual (I blame the big long drive from our place, up the 100 metre road and then to their drive). there was a big roast and vegies being served up, I thought I was late but there were other people later than me. Uncle Kim had gone all out and invited Levi, Louise and Will, Laurie and Ben, as well as Crista and Tim as well as myself, so we had quite a tea party going on.

This is where my pic of Uncle kim
with his Roast would go if I had my cord
There was a lot of food, and Louise supplied a crumble and Crista a self saucing pudding, so we were well fed. Uncle Kim got to escape the dishes apart from the ones he had to put away as we didn't have a clue with the pans :)
We had quite a good night chatting away about anything and everything.
I have the proof on my phone Auntie Didge, you will have to make him cook more from now on.

Cold Old Tassie

Well I had a pic to post, but have left my cord for my phone at my NSW home, so I guess your just going to get boring old writing for updates while I'm down here.

Lets see what exciting things have been happening. hmm, okay well perhaps I should just start off with whats been happening and leave the exciting part out.

Friday went to visit Eden and see how the new place is coming along that he is building for Uncle Kim and Auntie Deidre. Whilst there he gives me a loaded question " What are you up to" I knew he wouldn't get me to help him and Uncle Kim who were there, but he needed another job done. Seems as though he had Pop and Nan over for tea the night before and he drove to pick them up, swapped to their car to make it easdy for them to get in and out and then after tea drove them home, but had forgotten to bring his car keys back, so took pop and nan's car home again. I was the gopher, he wanted me to swap the cars over for him. I stopped by and had a chat to Steph for awhile and then drove to the big smoke of Deloraine, where I stayed for quite awhile having a chat with Pop and then Pop and Nan when she got home.

Saturday Jared and Bec and Kelsea drove out for a visit which was a suprise, Kelsea wouldn't look at me let alone come to me, I'm the big scary uncle she doesn't know, I did get a little kiss when she left though. Have you realised how cold it is outside? I went to Deloraine High with Eden on sat afternoon as some of the guys from the ward have started a basketball team and so they were going to have some practice. I had a few shots, but after about 10 airballs and one shot in right under the hoop I might add, I decided that was about me for the day and found a spot in the sun to try and stay a little bit warm. The wind was whipping around, so it was quite cold sitting there watching while the boys played some 2 0n 2.

After Tea with Mum and Dad I went up to Eden and Stephs, they had Simon and Simone and their family over for tea and to have Sara over to stay for the night, I crashed there just before they were due to eat, quite good timing if I do say so. The kids were in the bedroom when I was outside and so I tapped on the window and gave them a little fright, Sara goes to Chloe, whose that and Chloe in her little munchin voice goes Chrish.

It was good to catch Simon and Simone there and to have a little chat with them. Poor old Simon has to go on a search and rescue course for a few days out in the snow. Or should I say poor Simone having to be home alone and look after the kids?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kieran Got me Tagged

Mum and I at the Dixie Chicks. Looks like I was happy to be there, but Mum's got a choker hold on me. I was tired and not impressed to be there, but being the nice son I took her, so she was happy.
Two of my favourite people seeing me off on my mission. Pop and Nan Triffitt
Eden and I, I'm in blue. I'm told the tracksuits were stylish at the time. hmm
I made the dip and decided to buy a house in Colyton NSW.
Nicki, Jared, me, Eden and Lisa. Still in stylish tracksuit
Nicki and us boys at house in Dunorlan. Got to love the snow and how we didn't have to go to school because of it. Think it's only snowed like twice this far down in the time we've lived here.

Ok, it had to happen sometime, and today is the day, tag I'm it.

10 Years Ago

This was the year I turned 21, so traditionally it should have been a big bash for my birthday. Instead I was in sydney still serving in the north Misssion in my second year. I was suprised to find that a girl I had baptised was having a music recital and she wanted me to come, so I went along and having no idea, there was a suprise 21st birthday for me by her mum and the branch I was in. I had a greenie at this stage and after the party and we were gone I blew up at him about knowing about and how he knew. haha. oops, it was nice to have people care though.

I finished my mission in July then bludged around for a month or so and then went back to my old job on Uncle Kim's Dairy farm, got to love when there is relatives who can give you work.

Another great thing about the year is the Adelaide Crows won the AFL premiership for the second year running and this year. Aaron didn't have to get all the clippings from the papers and make me a scrap book and buy me the game this time as I was home to watch it.

5 years ago

Was a busy kind of time. Up till now I had worked for a freight company for 3 years but as a casual freight handler and this year my old boss had become boss of the truck drivers for the east section and wanted me to come across to help him fulltime instead of for about 8 hrs a day. There was a position opened up no-one wanted and I knew the area, so I said I'd do it if I got a brand new truck, and holidays when I wanted them. They had no problems with that, so I became fulltime.

I was living with Joel Christie in Cambridge Park NSW

This was the year I won the StClair Crows best and fairest and came 4th in the league best and fairest for Aussie rules. I was quite proud after only really playing since 2001 apart from a kick at the park with the lads.

I was also in love with Cassie Rance

5 Months Ago

Cant remember alot, I believe this was the time I came back from my 1st Tassie trip for the year, plus I'm sure I was working, or trying to between feeling like rubbish.

5 Things to Do Tomorrow

Read some Clive Cussler

Probably go and annoy Eden up at his buiding Site

Catch up with Nicki as she and the kids are coming to stay until Thursday as Big Alex is away in Victoria with work

Ring Ande and see how Dave is doing in China and get her to get him to get me some cheap knockoffs.

Relax :)

5 Bad Habits

I always have a pretty messy room

I chew my nails, I have been getting alot better at not doing it though

I ride and drive way fast, somehow I still have my license

I have to watch Home and Away

I like the wrong Girl/s

5 Places I Have Lived

Dunorlan, Tasmania

Deloraine, Tasmania

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Dubbo, New South Wales

Colyton, New South Wales

5 Things People Might Not Know

I applied to join the navy when I was in year 11

My parents were told to leave me in a disabled home when I was a kid and to forget they knew me

I would love to own 50 acres

I'm scared of rides at theme parks as when I was younger they had to stop the pirate ship at seaworld as I was screaming my guts out and bawling and since then, you will get me on dodgems only

I used to work in a video store

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Airline Criminal??

I had a great sleep last night after the last few nights and only getting around 4-5 hours a night because of all the ruckus in the hospital and nurses etc. A full 9 hours or close on and I was recharged for another day, not alot to be done apart from pack my bags and watch some tv. Don't you just know it, I left the bag packing until the last minute, so hopefully I haven't forgotten anything I really need. Also I left the washing up to last, but thought I'd better get that done incase I'm in Tassie for awhile, wouldn't want alot of fuzz and germs lying round. Ok there was only a couple of bowls and things to be done.

Ande picked me up and drove me to the airport, so I wouldn't need to catch a train and taxi with my bags and lug them around. I arrived with plenty of time to check in and when I got into line, there was a group of about 25 Chinese travelers altogether. Escaping the olympics or checking out a previous venue and getting tips on smog control?? I was unsure, but I couldn't quite get my gift of tongues working to understand their language and tune on in. I checked 2 bags and took my mighty crows backpack with me, with my goodies for the flight down, after going through security, I made it through with no problem, but the backpack was held captive by one of the guards, So while he was looking after another lady I sat down and waited to see what he would say. What else could possibly be wrong? Perhaps he was an avid crows supporter as well and wanted a chat? He came to me and asked if he could check through it and I had nothing to hide, or did I? I didn't think so, so I told him sure, go for it. He checked all the compartments and when it came to the big pocket, I thought ok, no probs, I'm out of here.

Much to my disgust and horror, I had forgotten one little fact, something I had completely over looken, there was one more bag inside my backpack, a little green bag, that was given to me in hospital after the operation. This little bag is my fallback incase something happens, and travels with me, or should be with me most of the time. As soon as I had seen it taken out I knew I'd been sprung, inside was a pair of scissors, a curved pair, they were soon found and taken out of the bag and said I'd have to check the bag or hand in the scissors, I wasn't about to hand in these little beautys, so I said I'd check them, and headed back the way I'd come, they were handed back to me in plain sight and to tell the truth I felt a little guilty about holding them in plain sight.
I was soon over that and skipped the line and checked the backpack in minus my lil bag of snakes alive of course and a clive cussler novel to keep me company. A stop for donuts and the time was now gone and onto the plane

So I'm here in the Apple Isle, the flight down was pretty uneventful, a little turbulence, but nothing major.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In again, but out to come to Tassie

So you must have heard the saying " An Apple a day, keeps the Dr away" I Dispute this saying with a vengeance. Let me explain my theory to you.

Friday night I went to my friends Dave and Ande's for tea and after a nice tea, Dave and I settled on the couch for our usual sport fest and after awhile he goes can I get you a drink or anything to eat, I said an apple sounds good, so he grabbed me one. Later that night after arriving home, well around 12 to be exact, something started to give me pain and so like the other times since the operation, I thought ok a small blockage, take some pain killers and also drink alot and flush it out with liquids, then like usual it will pass over night. About 2am, I was still in pain, so took some more pain killers and so we went for awhile, I got through the night, the morning seemed not so bad.

Saturday was a nice day and I'd arranged with Dave to go with him to footy, him to play and me to watch and support my team. I took some nurofen plus with me and off we went, well the roads just churned me up and by the time we got to the ground, I was well and truly ready for a couple of those good lil pills. I sat through the game, in abit of discomfort, but the Rams, which is my team actually got up for a win, just our third this season. During the game I kept trying to pump fluids into me, to try and push the blockage through, but it didn't seem to want to work. By this stage I was definitely thinking about the apple and the warning that for at least the next few months I shouldn't eat anything with skins.

After the game, Dave was going to meet with Ande up at his parents place for a Cummings family Dinner for one of his brothers wifes birthday celebration, and the Cummings had invited me along, so up we went. Dave was a little concerned and asked if I wanted him to drive me home first as I was grimacing all the time, but I said no I'll be fine, so up the mountain we went. We were the first to arrive, so we sat at the bench and talked to his parents while Dave showered, and then after awhile everyone else arrived, I was still in pain so took my last pain killers and took more fluids in. When it was time to eat, Dave and Ande were pretty worried and said I could take one of their cars and go home if I wanted, but I thought that would be pretty rude and the rest of the family didn't know the pain I was in, so I sat down and ate with them. The tea was actually great, and their was alot of it, but I just took a little bit and scooped the potato out of the skin and drank more hoping the extra food and liquid would push the apple skin through. After Tea, we sat on the couch and chatted and after awhile, we left to get the kids home to bed. Dave and I chatted and he was offering advice on what I should do, by the time we got back, Dave was asking if I wanted to go to hospital, but I said, nope I'd be fine, he also said well you should probably stay here then, but if you know me, i'm pretty head strong and hard headed at times and so once again, I declined the offer and said I'll be right and started walking to the car with my head hunched just about to my knees in pain.

Poor old Dave just watched me walk and I headed home, on the way back I stopped for some coke as some sheets given to me told me that it helps to unblock along with potato chips, which I'd already tried before with other blockages and also with this one. I'm not a coke drinker, I always say no unless it will offend someone not to take it, but I was ready to try some more to get rid of this pain. I got home and drank like half a bottle nearly and also ran a bath, to try to get the heat to take some pressure off, thought I'd read for awhile and get some comfort from the pain, but it was still there. I'd also put the electric blanket on in the spare bed and thought that would be a good choice with the warmth, so piled in there for the night with more pain killers. I got a few minutes sleep here and there, between pain killers and about 4am, I felt really sick and when I got up to take a drink, I was quite nautious and threw up, then went back to bed, about another hour later, got up and threw up again, and then started thinking might be time for hospital, as the pain was intense as well and just a little finger on my stomach would cause untold pain, even moving just a fraction. I could hardly move, so stayed in bed till 7am, and then when I thought it was a nice time, not too early, I tried calling Dave and Ande's, but there was no answer, so tried Dave's mobile, but it was off. After another 15 minutes I tried again and Dave picked up and he goes are you alright and I said not really and can you take me to hospital, and he goes yep, be there in a few. I got changed and once again threw up and waited for him to arrive, I put the heater on and sat in front of it and when he arrived could hardly get to the door to open it. Dave had to assist me to the car and every bump on the way brought pain. We arrived at the carpark and I told him to just drop me, but he goes nope I'll come in with you, lucky he probably did, because he had to practically hold me and support me into the ED. We didn't have to wait long, told her my complaint, then sat down and once again ran to the toilet, then came out and straight in for a history and my complaint. I was put in as a category 2 patient, just below Heart attacks and that kind of Emergency and was found a bed straight away. Was offered a wheel chair to sit in, but as per usual said I'd be fine, but the nurse over ruled me and I got a lift to my bed. Dave stayed with me for about 4 hours until he had to go home as Ande had a baby shower she was running, luckily in that time, they were able to give me some extra strong pain killers
whenever I needed them and I went for an Xray on my stomach and there was a blockage shown, so had to go for a another scan to see where exactly. the nurse came back and said the DR suggested a tube into my nose and down my throat to help drain the fluid from the throwing up, I declined as last time it hurt and said I'd wait for the Dr and see if it was really necessary. After awhile the doctor came and saw to me and much to my disgust said the nose tube needed to go in. They also decided that they would put a tube into me, and as soon as they did it, within 5 mins, 900 mm of fluid came straight out of the small bowel into a bag, and then they put another one in and another 900 mm came out and the pressure started to ease off.

I soon left the ED and was found a bed upstairs in my old ward I was in after the operation, I had a different view this time though, that of the blue mountains instead of bricks and concrete of the hospital. All this time I still had a tube into the small bowel and was draining more fluid and the nose tube wasn't doing much, so after having it for like 2 hours or so, they decided to take it back out, which I didn't complain about at all. All the pressure had eased off and no more pain killers were needed, I knew I'd be in overnight, so my other doctors could check in on me and make sure everything was fine, but they wanted more than that, to see how I went with food again, They also told me more about the blockage and I told them about the apple and they had a big smile on their faces and laughed and said that will do it everytime and shook their heads. I started out on a drip again, and the then got to move to broth, jelly and custard. The next day I'd had enough and wanted some real food and was going to suggest it to them, but some food turned up on the late brekky trolley for me, so I buzzed the nurse and said is this right can I eat it and she nodded and said yep, it's in the notes. I stayed in Monday and Tuesday as well and they wanted me in longer, but told them I wanted to be out on Wednesday as I had a flight booked for Tassie, which I'd discussed with them when I was getting out last time, but was told to stay in the state for at least a week. I had kept putting it off and off, to make sure I was ok and had no problems, so last saturday had actually booked a flight to come down home.

The doctors Said I should be right for Wednesday and true to their word, this morning they came in and said, you can go home. I had a little chat with them about some questions I had and then had brekky, then thought I'd shower before heading home, to feel human again. Before I could get there though, suprising me, the doctor actually had my discharge ready, but I said I'm having a shower anyway, so I did. Ande came and picked me up and drove me home. It's good to be out and home again, I'm not planning another trip to hospital for 11 months when the next operation will take place, at least thats what were hoping :)

So tomorrow I'm catching a plane, I'll be coming down for between 1-3 weeks depending on what happens and how I feel. Hopefully I'll get to see some of you and catch up again, planneda good time to come down I think, I believe you have stake conference, so will be able to catch alot of people I usually wouldn't get too without travelling and going to different wards.

See you soon, hope you weren't bored with my saga or the grossness of it, I didn't add some of the yuckier parts to protect you. So that's my theory about Drs and apples, they don't always keep them away, but bring them to you, it will be stewed apples for me from now on.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clean up

While I was in Hospital, the Rances came over, mowed the lawns, changed a few things in the backyard, and also cleaned up the garage and house abit. Mum was also staying and decided the garage needed cleaning out more, which to tell the truth I quite agreed with, but just hadn't got around to doing since I moved in more than a year and a half ago. When I got here I just dumped the main stuff in the right rooms and then the rest of the stuff was dumped in the garage.

After that amount of time, I kind of figure if there is stuff in there I haven't used then there's really not anything I really need, so just chuck it out, but today with time on my hands as per usual I've started to go through as few more boxes and actually see whats in there. Would I find some treasure? You never know, there could be some goodies hidden away, had to have good thoughts :)

A couple of boxes later, found old birthday cards, heaps of pc games, photos and a heap of junk, the few dollars in coins and notes always brings a smile to your face though.

One thing I have come to realise though is the electrical equipment lying round not being used and thinking to myself, why bother holding onto it, if you aren't using it. Things like a ps2, dvd players, video cameras etc havent been used in ages, last time the ps2 was used was by Jalen and Harri in february when they stayed, and before that would have been over a year and a half at least. A pack rack or get rid of it? Get rid of it I say, so some of it has gone on Ebay, won't be a fortune, but hey better than collecting dust or dampness.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I think there are times when you don't thank your family enough or tell them that you love them. I think I have the best family or close on the best family, not that we don't have our problems or little hiccups.

I didn't realise how much Mum and Dad actually did for us growing up until I got my mortgage last year, I had no real idea on what they did for us with putting a roof over our head and then also paying for all our leisure activities like basketball every year or other things that were always coming up and them paying for it.So Mum and Dad, know our grateful I am for what you have done and continue to do for me specifically.

As for the Rest of you and your partners and kids, thanks also :)

Reluctant Sale

For sale, very reluctantly might I add, is this little beauty.

To tell the truth, I'm kind of hoping it wont sell, and that when the insurance from work comes through, I'll be able to keep it, but if it sells, then it's meant to be I say. I think it might be a little high priced, so Trading post is the place to see if I get any hits.