Monday, August 30, 2010

Penrith Show

Ande had some Relief Society activity on Saturday and as Dave and I didn't have any footy on this day, we decided that we'd head off to the local show and check it out.

The girls had great fun riding on the ponies and Poppy had never been on one before but rode one handed like a cowgirl

No show is complete without a dagwood dog or fairy floss

There were reptiles to handle and to feel

This goat decided my finger was more tasty than the food we had bought the girls to feed the animals

It gets a bit that way after so many visitors, the koala decided he needed a little snooze.

Mon and I rode the Dodgems as you do

The gun actually shot straight, whats up with that

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Run 4 Riley

My Close friends Dave and Ande lost their Son Riley during Ande's pregnancy at 31 weeks.  This Sunday we are doing the city2surf fun run to raise money, running from Sydney city to Bondi beach which is a 14 Kilometre run.

  click the link below if you want to support our fundraising effort and to donate some money.