Tuesday, September 30, 2008

random pics

I got my camera back this week and on the memory card there was 380 odd pictures. Was kinda fun looking back through them and remembering people and places.

Just me taken yesterday for fun

A good friend Lindy who was visiting with the lakes in the background

One of my favourite people, Monique, isn't she so cute

Two lovely Sisters, Cass and LissA little rough, but I quite liked the pics

Poor Chloe didn't know what to do, she was enthralled though

Locked up

A bit of family fun down at Pop and Nans

New years eve down in ulverstone with Nicki and Alex

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Novelty Trip

Dad has been up here since tuesday and most days he has been leaving early and going to the temple to do some sessions. The first day he got stuck in traffic going, so the day after he thought he'd be smart and leave an hour later and so beat the peak hour traffic on the motorways. His little plan didn't work and he was stuck again, so today he decided he'd go to Manly instead as he hasn't been for quite a few years.

If you know me at all, you know I don't like to take public transport up here, but it seems like whenever any of the family comes up we have to catch the train, for the novelty of it, Such was the case today.

I really don't mind the ferry part of the trip and today was another nice 27 degrees to go across the harbour. It's days like today, that you think, blow the traffic and transport worries and the cost of living here, but I really do live in the best city in the world. If you've never been to Sydney and taken a cruise on a ferry to Manly, then you have missed out!!

A little view as we come in

Manly beach
The Corso

Lisa said she wished she with us for an icecream. I would have sent it, but it mightn't have made it, so I had to eat it. It was delicious Marge !!

The Opera house, still quite a sight at times

The coat hanger

Tomorrow is going to be another barmy 32 degrees, so will be quite nice again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer Ride

It's over 30 degrees out here in the western suburbs today, So what better thing to do than three loads of washing. I'm kidding, but I did do that, but that wasn't the most fun thing that I did.

After hanging all that out and cleaning some, I thought, it's just not right to sit inside and so I pulled the motorbike out for a spin. I never wear protective clothing when it's hot, so shorts, Tshirt and helmet and I was ready. I didn't feel like lugging my wallet and phone around, so left them at home and thought just go around the local area for 15 minutes or so.

It didn't happen, it was way to nice to spend so short a time flying along with the wind rushing past, so I just kept riding, through suburb and suburb. I didn't have a map or anything so I just followed my instinct of where I was heading. Some of the places in orchard hills is pretty much farm land and lots of little streets that just become dead ends, so I just rode and when I hit dead ends, headed another way. What was to be a 15 minute joy ride, turned into over an hour joy ride.

I LOVED IT...Hardly anything better

Friday, September 12, 2008

a little of my week

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY---It's Jays birthday today--the big 9 years old.

Well I'm back home, it's kinda nice being back in your own place, though not as easy as being looked after.lol

I came home monday night and the next day was beautiful so I took my bike out for a spin, I love the power and speed that it has. Just open the throttle and bang you flying along. I also had to go see the specialist, was the last time for quite awhile luckily.

Wednesday spent the day bludging round, didn't do alot. Dave and Ande were getting new carpet in, so I went around afterwards to take a geeze, Ande was putting Moniques bunk bed back together, so I helped with that for awhile.

Thursday was spent doing much the same, apart of the bunk was broke so went over and put a new board on it, then stayed for tea. I must have been tired as I fell asleep on the couch and Ande let me sleep while she fed the girls.

Today I went to see the Surgeon and discussed with her the next steps were going to take with the little problem we have had. I didn't realise the problems that could happen or how hard it will be to do, but We've decided it would be best to go ahead with more surgery, which with the waiting list will be 6-12 months down the track. Just have to fill in the paperwork and drop it back in to the hospital.

I also went to kmart and bought bedlinen, quite a shock for me, not something I like to do usually, but I felt like a little change, and so a fresh quilt cover seemed like an idea.

Afterwards I went to medicare and it was packed out, after a little bit, I was able to get a seat to sit on, but after a minute or two a lady came in and stood behind me. I thought it was best if she sat down, so I sat on the ground and gave it to her. She was very appreciative and thanked me, and another lady next to her also commented, that that doesnt happen anymore. She also said she hoped her son grew up like me. was pretty funny, though I got embarrassed about it and said it was no problem.

Well that was my week, oh wait I did also put my camera in to be fixed. I had this nice camera that Lisa used to laugh at because she thought it was huge whenever I brought it down to tassie with me, but about 6 months ago, it just wouldnt turn on, when I went to use it, so this week I decided it was time to get it fixed and back taking good photos, instead of the camera phone. So hopefully I'll have it back soon and I can put new pics on my blog :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bye Bye Nathan and the Crows

Kieran I stole your Sign

There was a sad day yesterday, very sad for me and the fellow Adelaide supporters. Sorry Kieran, but they tried. In the middle of the family day,( if you want to read about that, click on Lisa's page) The mighty Crows were playing an Elimination final against the dreaded and unloved Magpies, who I don't like at all.

We ended up losing at the end of the game, and being disgusted I walked out with a few minutes to go. I blame it on Victorian umpires in the first half when we were starting to get control. I think I was pretty calm compared with what Aaron would have been if the Hawks were playing and in the position we were.

Poor old Nathan Bassett had announced his retirement, feel sorry for the guy finishing up with a loss like that. He has been a good player for the crows in the backline. As you can see plenty of courage.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cartoons can come real

Today has flown along, does it ever suprise you how fast the day actually goes when your doing something. Perhaps it might also have something to do with crawling out of bed at 10am.
Dad had a tree felled as it was taking over one of the powerlines, so today we got out there and we cleaned it up. Seeing as though I hadn't played with a chainsaw for awhile, I decided I should probably do that part of it, and Dad got to take the wood away and put it in the trailer. I must admit I had fun, it always feels good to have a little power.
Abit of damage done, you know how you see those cartoons of people and they step on the end of the rake? It's a cartoon right!!?? Wrong, I came across it in real life today. Looking back on it it's quite funny, but at the time it killed and nope I didn't even swear, even with my eyes watering. I was cleaning up towards the end of the day and went to grab the rake to rake the littler stuff up and I reached for the rake and took one too many steps and whack, right in the forehead. You could hear the wood hit and Dad even looked around to see what happened.
Not too fussed after about 5 minutes.
A boy just having fun
Whacking into it.
So the moral of the story is some cartoons are real life. Umm I meant look out where your walking or you may get hit in the forehead!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bye Bye

This is the Company that will be flying me home. I was going to go home yesterday or today, but decided to stay as we are having a family get together on Saturday, plus I don't have to be back until next tuesday for appointments. So next Monday night I shall be choofing off, not sure when I'll be back this time, got to make up some time with work.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tea with the Watsons

Yesterday I woke up about 8.10am and thought I'd duck off to Devonport for church, Got to spread the love around is my philosophy :) Well I arrived late, so sat myself on the back seat, but spotted Bec and Kelsea, so I went and sat with them for sacrament. I have one more day to win Kelsea over before I head back, but yesterday, she would give me some crayons and stuff and take them back, so thats a start. Devonport ward is pretty friendly, maybe because I'm related to half of them with the Woolleys there.
After Church I went back With Nicki and Alex to their place for the afternoon to catch up and have tea with them. Josh and Brystal Woolley and their son also was there, we had a great barbecue cooked by Alex, along with some other dishes by Nicki and a nice Choc Mousse. Guess I chose the right day to pop on in.
I found out if you have a spare Microwave box, you don't need to worry about commando babies trying to crawl and they will be occupied for ages. Lil Alex all locked in

Tea was great thanks Watsons

A Wild night at the Kings

After the service project I went back to Lisa and Aaron's for the night. We had a great roast Chicken for tea, which is no suprise as Lisa doesn't eat anything but Chicken. It seems to get very hectic around tea time, with juggling all those boys, I think they need another two or three sets of hands to get everything running smoothly.

After Tea the footy was on and Hawthorn was playing Carlton. Buddy and Fev were both going for there 100 goals for the year and the Coleman medal was up for grabs. Buddy had the inside running for both as he was just two goals away to Fev's 8 Goals.
Lisa was ready for bed, but stayed up for the game, lucky she did, she was needed there for crowd control. Aaron wasn't happy about Fev getting close to his 100 goals after kicking 7 goals in the second half.
Aaron after Buddy getting his 100th Goal.
Harri seemed more interested in Ben10 before the game, probably the smarrtest among us.

The game was a blow out and I believe the shoot out was 102-99 in buddys way. If you want to see something interesting this weekend, head to the Kings friday night, if you don't like footy, you will see plenty of action just from Aaron

Working Flat Out

As everyone else seems to have blogged about the helping hands service day, I don't need to blog it as well. I shall just give you a photo of me cracking up and Devin having a chuckle. The time seemed to fly along when you had a fun table, even if Half of them are or will be teachers, guess you can't have everything hey.