Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lawson NSW

After a not fun past month, I decided I'd get out and about and try to take some pics and go for a walk up the blue mountains, actually I didn't make it far up at all, only to Lawson, but I went and had a look at some falls and fooled around with the camera.


 I had company for about 5 minutes but then had the place to myself, it was nice and quiet and relaxing.
My superman pose after climbing my way up the falls without tumbling down as it was so slippery.

Doesn't it look Idylic?



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lets start over

I was admiring Lisa's and also Makayla's blog the last while and decided I was going to join them and redo my blog a little, so I found out from Lisa what she's been using for her Blogger header and have been playing around with some collages, and I'm sure I'll play more in the next few days until I'm happy with my new look.

I've started back at footy training this past week and it's all running and pushups and situps, it's good to start to get some fitness back again, though the heat and humidity really do suck at the moment.

Actually tonight while we were doing sprints up the hill and then walking back down I noticed the most gorgeous sunset and my first thought was 
"where's the camera, I'd get a great shot from up on the shed roof"  

Weird the ways your mind works at time.