Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fooling around with pics

 A couple of weekends ago, it was a stunning day, so thought id grab the camera and head up and have a look at Warragamba dam and go to Bents basin and fool around and take some pics.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Labour Day Long Weekend

 Grand Final day loomed large, after my Crows losing the week before to miss out on a Grand Final spot, it came down to one of my favourite teams the Swans and half the Family's team the Hawks, so it was a toss up, who I should be barracking for for the day, witht the Swans just winning out.  I ended up going around to watch the game with a few friends from footy and their wives/partners/girlfriends and having a bbq, with only a couple of people cheering the Hawks on and the rest wanting the Swans to get up as we were all Sydneysiders.

 How do you like my lovely Locks?!  I think they suit me down to a T :D

 The lovely hosts for the day, Dave and Corinne, Dave is the first grade captain for the footy team and one of the most courageous players you will see going around.

 Saturday night I ended up going to a friends 40th birthday bash, his wife had arranged her dance studio and designed it be be like a casino as her hubby works as a head security guy down at the Star City Casino down in the city.  She had arranged for a few different games, so we all got some chips, with blackjack being the only game I understood, so I blew all her money playing that, actually I did pretty good and came second for the night in chips, nothing like spending someone elses pretend money and going all in!

 Monday I thought that I'd finally pull the kayak off my garage wall and take it for a spin, I ended up going to the other part of the Lane Cove river, but I liked the other part more that was in the national park as there was more wildlife and fish and birds to see.

 It was a gorgeous day to just float along and enjoy the sights and hear the birds chirping away.

 Not far from the city of Chatswood at all, but you wouldnt know it with how quiet and relaxing it was.