Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tea with the Cummings families

Monique in one of her many change of dresses or should I say, Snow white in all her glory

Classic poppy photo

Dave's brother Craig and his wife Irena today celebrated the 1st birthday of their daughter Chloe and we all had tea over at Dave and Ande's as it was Moniques birthday yesterday as well.

Craig Cummings

Irena made a pavlova and it was delicious

Irena and Chloe

A 4th Birthday and a little paddle

Today was Moniques 4th birthday and so she decided she wanted to go to red rooster for her birthday, twas an interesting choice of places to go. Mon loves to dress up, and today she was Ariel from little mermaid.

Ande and Poppy

Dodgy brother David

After having lunch I thought I'd go to Yarramundi and take the kayak out for a paddle and seeing as though I bought a new camera, thought I'd give it a try.