Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goldcoast Easter 2011

 The Easter bunny turned up and put eggs out in the backyard of Dave and Ande's house, only problem was he didn't take into account the heat and by the time the girls got home to search for the eggs, the hollow eggs were slightly melted and squishy.  Hint to the Easter Bunny, please remember to put them out as late as possible next time, if you get the job of scattering them about.  Oops, luckily the freezer refroze them enough after the collection.

 On Easter Monday Dave's brother John and his wife Kate  and their daughter Laura, came down to spend the day with us.  Kate was a friend growing up and we had alot to do with her family as her Dad was our bishop and we used to stay over there a fair bit when they lived in Tassie before moving away.

I spent awhile sitting near the water with my camera as their was this pelican sitting a little out on the water and I was waiting for a perfect shot of it, but it never came about, but I shot this while waiting.


 John decided that we needed to go to the skate park and he showed off some of his moves, while Ande and I snapped away, Kate wanted us to get some photos of him crashing, haha.

 Dave loves teasing us about always having a camera about.

 Was pretty good weather for the few days up there, it kind of reminded me of Tassie weather though, with all the seasons at times.

It's funny what kids remember, last time I was up there and I was playing around with Monique, I'd capture her and hold her down and she's try to escape and I'd tell her nope, your mine forever and this time up, when we fooled around, she'd say to me Chrishy, am I yours forever?  And I'd say yep you are, it was pretty cute.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a drive up the road.

 What do you do when you have 5 days off work for Easter and ANZAC day and the airfares to Tassie are over $700 return? 

 Got in the car and decided to head north across the border to see the canetoads, just a little drive of 900 km's or so, heading off at just after 12am.

I arrived in QLD kind of unannounced as I had lost my phone the day before, so I found myself all alone for awhile, so went off to visit Konnie, who happened to be away for the holidays as well, so next stop was a visit to Uncle Howard and Auntie Marilyn, to find out, they werent home as well, so I decided to go explore a little.  Last time I was up there we went to a pool out in the canefields and so I headed out there and there was a storm brewing, so I was waiting for the lightning to crack and to capture this amazing photo, which didn't happen, as the lightning never came.

 Two of my favourite girls, Poppy and Monique.

 The day after getting there, we went to the beach, it was a pretty warm day when the sun was out, warm enough for even me to go in the water a couple of times.

 A little beach babe.

 My hosts for the weekend, Ande and David.

 Just a stroll down towards the ocean and these two were playing in the shallows.


Quite a fun day, just as we were leaving, I spotted some people who looked familiar driving in to the car park.  Lanai and her family, had popped an hour down the coast to see a friend of her husbands and by sheer coincidence on any of the beaches we could have been at, we ended up at the same one.  Later on we went to a park at Coolongatta and had tea.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adelaide Trip 2011

 While I was over in Adelaide to watch the Crows, I had a day to kill, so I caught a tram into the city and wandered around seeing what I could find to photograph.

There was plenty of entertainment in Rundle mall.

There were all these random pianos around the city you could sit down and play if you felt inclined to do so.

 I even ended up at the museum and had a browse around for awhile.

 Taking some time out just to catch a pic of myself.

 What a babe, she even sprinkled glitter onto my shoulder.

 Catching a fashion show.

 I stayed in Glenelg for the weekend.

 The kids were up nice and early to use the water slides.