Thursday, July 31, 2008

Out and About

Well hi there, just checking in once again. I've had that cooped up feeling the last few days, after that long in hospital, then sitting around at home, i'd had enough of the indoors and thought it was time to get up and about a little bit. Yesterday being wednesday, I woke up around 12pm and thought yep time to go, I had some chores to do, hit the bank for some bags so I could bag some coins up that I keep on saving up. Hit the chemist for ome more painkillers, gotta love nurafen plus at times.

First of all though we drove to kmart and parked as every Wedneday at the Penrith racecourse, they have a market. Now I had never been, but had been told about them and been the recipient of chocolates that had born bought there. I guess the markets fairly like paddies here in Sydney, though not quite as big. I basically just went to kill some time and get out and about, I did but 3 pairs of white socks for $2 and saw a mandarin tree, I thought would be nice to put in, not just any mandarin tree though, it was an imperial mandarine tree, the only type I will touch. By the time I had got back to the stand though, the guy had packed up for the day, as the market closes at about 1-1.30pm, so I missed out this week, probably better net week though, as I might be able to dig it in by then. After this and going to the plaza for the errands, I was feeling pretty sore and while mum did some shopping I leant on the trolley or sat down on a chair. Maybe overdid it a little again, but it was good to get out. I think broccoli is bad for me, the last few nights we have had it and at night I've been doubling over in pain with what appears to be blockages that go on for a few hours and the only way that has helped has been painkillers and in the morning it seemed to unblock and im more comfortable again. Today I had a morning snooze for a couple of hours, then read and played around. We walked a couple of blocks down to the supermarket and then tonight we had Ande and her daughters Monique and Poppy over for Tea as Dave is away with work in Adelaide, so it's been an ok day.

Monday, July 28, 2008

22 days

So it's been just over three weeks since I came to hospital and as of this moment I'm sitting on my bed and waiting for the doctors to bring me my discharge papers and other things that I need.

Yesterday I had my last central line taken out, so I felt human again and not machine, the central line was there to give me all the extras I needed as my body was pretty shot and wasn't getting the nourishment it needed, so I was on a few different bags of goodies and things to help the body to recover abit better than just the little food it was getting.

Just saw the surgeon who did my operation and she was telling me I needed to come back in next week, and I go do I need to, I'm thinking of going to Tassie, and she looks at me and goes, your not going anywhere yet, you can't leave the state. I have more appointments beforehand and she has some names in Tassie for me to see incase of emergency, plus more appointments when i get back here, so it's all ahead full in trying to get better. It looks like another year before I get to come back in and she will do more surgery on me, hopefully I'll be huge by then, haha, doubt it, but you never know. I've never been big, but right now I'm skinny as, I've lost a fair bit of weight, that I can even see, the scales are loving it not having a huge weight on them.

My mojo came back yesterday, I flogged mum in cards this time, it was a good time filler/killer. The afternoon snooze was looking great, mum had a good catnap and then Daniel Rance came and picked her up and took her to the Rances for tea for the night. I think she will be glad to be able to go home soon. she keeps telling me Sydney is a nice place to visit, but she'd never want to live here. Everyone to their own I guess, Sydney actually feels like home to me now, I've been here 8 years and have some awesome friends who always make it alot easier when your away from your family.

Anyways hope everyone is great and your having a good day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time to Blog

Sunday morning 8.58 am.

Blogger update as I'm wide awake now and can't see myself falling back to snooze away the morning, more than likely this afternoon.

Things seem to be going pretty good, I've been on a light food diet again for the last two days and so far so good. The first night I had a bit of a problem with a slight blockage that hurt for like 3.5 hours, but then it pushed through which was a good thing because this time last week, I was up to the same stage of eating and feeling pretty good and then bang downhill. Everything is now working like it should be and the talk from the doctors is if I can tolerate more food for the next 2-3 days, then early to mid week I should be out of hospital after over three weeks of being here.

On Friday I was feeling pretty good, so I thought I need some phone credit and might get myself a newspaper to read, so thought I'd go for a walk down to the newsagent, which isn't that far away, but by the time I had made it about half way, I was just about slumped over. By the time I got my lil goodies, the lady behind the counter I was leaning on, goes this time this time tomorrow you will be doing backflips out of here, I go that would be nice. By the time I had made it back to my bed, I was absolutely spent and after a few days of no pain killers it was time to take some more as it felt like someone had whacked me in the stomach with a baseball bat over and over again. Small steps at a time from now on, I always knew walking was bad for you.

I also now have no machines attached to me, so i'm more mobile and doing what I want more, although we have left the central line in this time, so incase of problems, I won't have to go back to ICU and get it put back in again, so without those things, you start feeling human again.

Mum has been up and yesterday brought up some cards so we could play, she showed me a new game, which she promptly won, then we got onto our old favourite, gin rummy. I'm always a show at this game and had her on the ropes, whooping her, then a break in play broke up my mojo, as the Rances came for a visit. They are up just about everyday to see me, or if not them their son Daniel comes by everyday, just to say hi if only for a few minutes and to see if I want or need anything. Lets just say, mum cleaned me up after this and she has all the gloating rights at the moment, but I will be back.

Last night there was nearly a showdown with some polynesians, I haven't had my tv put on for the last few weeks, but last night was the Sydney-Adelaide clash of AFL. The ironic thing being that Dave, one of my great friends and I and also heath follow Adelaide, and every year that they play here in Sydney it's on a Sunday afternoon, so we miss out. As the draw came out for the year we discussed with interest how it was a saturday night game this year and so we all planned on going and watching our beloved crows play and beat Sydney. The problem as of last night was i'm in hospital, Dave is away in Adelaide with work and Heath is in Qld with work also and so we all missed out once again. Dave's wife Ande thought it was hilarious.

So back to the story, without the tv being on, I thought maybe the patients lounge will have a tv and I'll get to see some of the game, so a few minutes before 7.30 I wandere on down hoping to see a square box. Luckily there was one there and it was on and I had the place to myself, so I switched on over to the right channel and sat on down. After the start of the game, I had these polynesian guys come in, who were visitors and they sat for awhile and started talking about the rugby union or rara as we call it and then one of them gets up and starts to change the channel on the tv, so I go "hey, what are you doing", and the other guy goes to him, put it back. Australia was playing the all blacks.

They kept on wandering back in for awhile, but gave up after abit, as I wasn't letting my hold of the game go. Just for the record, the Crows won once again.

The time has actually not seemed so slow in here, sleep fills in a fair bit of time, along with reading and visitors and movies. Thanks to those who have offered to send dvd's up for me to watch and keeping in contact with me or the family.

Thanks for all the hint hints to come back to Tassie for awhile to see either the new nephew or in Simone's case, that they also have fast food restaurants down there. I shall take it on board and see what happens over the next week and I might just pop on down to say hi and lie in front of the fire once again.

A new Nephew

Well by now most of you would have read on Lisa's blog about Eden and Steph and Chloe's news about a new baby boy being born last night after a very short labour or so it seems to me. If not i'm sure there will be an update on her page by this afternoon with pictures of the new nephew for the family, which is pretty exciting news for all of us. As of yet, there isn't a name as both Eden and Steph have their favourite names.

I was only just talking to Steph on the phone the night before and she said there wasn't a rumbling from him yet, but then last night, saturday night he decided it was fine time to come into the world and see everyone. He decided to come so quickly, that Steph's mum who is down staying and is a midwife was asked to come with them as they thought they wouldn't make it to hospital and it was a close thing after having made it, he decided to arrive within 5-10 minutes.

Congrats to Eden and Steph and Chloe, can't wait to see pics and meet the little fella

Friday, July 25, 2008

Where did sleep go?

I know I shouldn't complain because all of you mothers and fathers of newborns out there get alot less sleep, but this week twice the nurses have come in at 2am to take temps and obs and once they have left me alone I can't get back to sleep. Yes hand me a tissue I need to have a cry.haha

I've just realised I've got over 50 posts done now, not bad for a old farm boy in my opinion, but it's been over a week, so here I am once again. Is there something significant or uplifting to share with you? I guess that all depends on where your at in life or wanting to be at. No really, not alot to share with you in that department, so I'll just update you with whats been happening in the life of Christian.

Well the doctor has just been again, moving up in the world by the looks of it, moving from a clear fluid diet, up to a soft diet once again. I've been here before, last weekend it was looking like everything had gone great and that I would be getting home monday or tuesday of this week, so seeing as though I would need help for a week or two, or I felt like I'd like to go home and recuperate for awhile I talked with Mum and Dad about coming up for a little bit to help me out, without realising Dad was also going into hospital or I wouldn't have bothered them. Mum still came up on the Monday night to stay, but on the saturday ,we had some complications and everything went backwards and we got put back at least a week from where I should be at.

Mum has been at home looking after the place and coming to visit when she can get a lift with friends, seems like she has washed and ironed all my clothes, even tshirts that I'd never touch and old work clothes. I think she needs a rest up as she has had migraines and has had to go see a doctor already, perhaps I might need to send her home to recuperate with Dad.

A visit from the surgeon now, you are all getting the right here and now update. Things are great according to her and she was expecting last weeks set back, but thinks now should be fine. The good thing about food and fluids again is actually being to take them, the last few days I've had a pipe in through the nose into the throat to drain all the extra much coming from the stomach I was throwing up and oh how painful it was to swallow and to talk to people when they would visit or ring to talk, so sorry if I didn't feel up to it, feels alot better out now, though last night it felt like I still have a phantom tube in and it was sitting there taped on my nose still and slowly moving.

It's suprising how much unhungry you can actually feel after a week of no food, they actually have put a central line in me and have been feeding me ptn, which runs through the central line and gives me all the extra nutrients and protein and vitamins which my body needs, as i'm told my body is pretty run down and needs extra help.

The funny thing is one of the specialists came in during the week and he goes as doctors were not supposed to say this, but for the next few months we want you to tuck into kfc, mcdonalds, pizza, hungry jacks and all those type of fast food places, to get your calories up, so the body recuperates more, so you will be ready for your next trip to see us. Kinda interesting, but who can disagree with doctors hey. haha. Any excuse will do me.

I've had more books brought in so I can read and magazines like womans day, I can just see you sniggering and laughing at that, but it's all for the reading of course, the good articles in them, recipes and stuff of course, not for the idol gossip that feels the first 30 pages.

Has anyone watched scrubs before? I hadn't, but a friend thought she'd send the first season of them over here for me to watch on the laptop to fill in time, plus she likes the show. I've chopped my way through 3 0f the 4 discs, not my favourite series out, but a good time filler all the time.

Well signing off for now, hope all you bloggers are doing great, keep updating, I need some good laughs and stories of what your all up to.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

just me checking in

So I keep getting asked when I'm going to update my blog, though with mum, the blog and Email seems to be the same thing, and I think she is actually expecting an Email to dad's

There's not actually alot to say and this is the first time I've been on the net in a few days as it seems alot of hassle to set up at times with all the chords and things around here.

I've just been sitting back and sleeping, playing solataire, sleeping, reading sports mags, novels and chatting to drs and family and friends mainly. Yes I know it's a hard life.

Thanks for all the calls and messages, means alot, especially those who check in everyday, to make sure things are good.

I have no chord for my phone to connect pics, so sorry it's a little boring.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Infectious !!!!!

So after a few days the sign came off me door about having to smock up and wear gloves and to wash up as I'm clean as a whistle, well not quite, but no one can catch anything off me and they were just being over cautious.

I thought they would move me beds yesterday as there was talk of it, but I'm still in my own room which is great.

Not sure how long I'll still be in for, until we get something done about being sick all the time I guess, had lots of people prodding, mainly uni students, who are here for internship, plus specialists. Guess the best thing will happen.

So theres a little update for those who were wondering, still alive and kicking. Glad to have the laptop now and another friend brought in books and presents :)

Hospital days seem to be measured by meal times, brekky, lunch and tea and try to sleep sometime between observations and proddings. You come to recuperate but don't get the sleep you need.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Another good 15 hr sleep and I was up and at them, seriously I felt terrible. I packed my bag and headed to Dave and Ande's, to see if Dave would drive me to the Emergency Department, but he was off at a church meeting and I didn't want to drag Ande with the two girls out, so drove myself.

I was flying at the ED, got to see the triage nurses quickly, got a canula put in and bloods taken and then there was talk of a bed all within 45 minutes. Things quickly stalled, it's amazing how many people come through the ED, being the weekend there were alot of sports injuries coming through. Have you ever felt so bad you don't know if it's pain or an ache and your whole body is numb and you feel like dying? Sounds dramatic but for about 30 minutes there, that's how I felt, so screwed myself into a little ball and lent against the wall and luckily dozed off and it went away.

After 3 hours I got to see a Dr and she talked to me for about 10 minutes and goes I'll talk to the specialist but your blood seems fine so we'll most likely send you home and sent me back to the waiting area. I left my bag to get some water and when I got back my name was called and they said they had a bed for me, which suprised me so much I nearly left my bag behind.

I was found a bed in the paediatric beds in the ED and nope I wasn't the oldest, most likely the youngest. There was a play area and the curtains that pull around had animals playing games on them, there were 5 others in the ward. I got some xrays done and then snoozed off. About 3am after getting back from a little break the nurse was there and goes are you up to walking to another ward, we were off to short term stay beds, when we arrived the nurse at the counter "goes is this the infectious one" put him in bed 1, I was bleary eyed and didn't really take in what she said, but found myself in my own room with my own toilet and shower.

Monday burned bright and early, it seems like you come in to recuperate but you never get sleep because the nurses always want to take temperature and other readings. Breakfast smelt great, omelette, toast and a weetbix, but I reminded myself the specialist a month before had talked of a drip to give the bowel a rest, so I refrained until the Drs showed up and they asked why I hadn't eaten, so I told them them and they go good idea. They said I could have full fluids, eg/ milk, juice, coffee and broth. They said I'd be in at least over night.

I got Daniel and Peter to pick my car up for me and when they came in they go what's up with you, I looked at them and asked why and they said they were given instructions to scrub their hands properly after leaving me. I had no idea, but after all the nurses kept putting gloves on and then taking them off after leaving, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask why it was so. Seems that they were all told that there was a chance I was infectious with some viral thing. Seems like it's precautionary but I wont complain, I don't want to leave this little slice of paradise to go upstairs and share a room with 5 other people quite yet.


So I Seem to come to Tassie all the time and I get sick, I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something?

Actually to be honest, this time I came down because I was already sick and was hoping the family would help me recuperate abit. Alas it wasn't to be.

At least I was able to be there for Kobe's blessing which Lisa and Aaron arranged for it to be while I was down, which was nice to be at, even if they couldn't get a smile out of me. Haha. Thanks also for letting me stay Mum and Dad and Lisa and Aaron and for running me all over the place to try and get me better. Plus Aaron for getting put on the spot, your a champ Aaron.

If you want a good chin wag or need someone to talk to President Horsman and Jacquie are good, was good to see you guys for awhile and crash your family party.

So after a couple of weeks of trying to sleep and hogging the front of the fire I was home bound and there was a lift at the airport which was nice as I hate trains and public transport, I thought we had stuffed up when we hit the tunnel though, all the traffic had stopped, but it was just a little five minute delay, which is nothing.

Straight to sleep on the couch for me and a nice 4 hour sleep, that night another 12 hours and then the next day back to work. I rocked up and they start to go, how are you feel, and then stop and go " I can see how your feeling" we'll get you a driver and you can sit back, I spent the day with another guy and we had a nice long break, with me sleeping alot of it.

The next day I was with another driver and slept 90 percent of it with him telling me to just stay in the truck for most of our deliveries. Ahh the sound of snoring.

Day after I couldn't get warm so was told to stay in the office until we were leaving, but after being sick a few times was sent home to bed, it didn't take long to sleep and 6.5 hrs later I was awake and spent a couple of hrs in the bath, back in bed by 8 and not up till 1.15pm the next day to watch the boys from my footy team get thumped by over 100 yet again, the poor coach is pulling his hair out after having to field over a half of his first grade team with reserve graders. I got to do the best and fairest awards yet again, one thing to not getting to play I guess.

Then it was over to the Rances to get some mail and it was also Elisa's birthday, a Alice in wonderland theme dress up I think, but don't quote me on that. It was bring a cupcake, I'm sure they were nice. I had to head home early with Daniel and Peter just about forcing me to hand my car keys over because I could hardly stand up, I made it home to bed ok though, must have been a big day :)