Sunday, March 30, 2008

White Sauce

I need a sure fire recipe for white sauce. Does anyone have one?

A lil of Tassie

So I've been home for nearly a week now and I think I'm settling back in, heading back to Tassie seems to have an unsettling effect on me. Tuesday I was wishing I was still in Tassie. Kinda weird, when I didn't really do anything or see anyone but my family, and only when they came and visited me. My excuse is I'm sick of driving, I was in Tassie and didn't even want to drive to Deloraine.

While down I spent a little time with Eden up on his roof trying to get the iron on and screwed down, most of the time it was good but one day, the wind came up and started whipping some tin off while we were on the roof. At the time we had to hustle and try to get some rocks on the iron to hold it down, looking back now it's kind of funny, and luckily for Eden wasn't expensive, just a couple of sheets that he was able to use again blew off and the sarking also went flying down to the new fence. We learnt after that time to make sure we screwed down the iron before going to far. I had quite a good time with Eden, even if I was more a hindrance than a help. Jared came on the saturday and helped too.

It was good to see all the family, all the nephews and nieces are growing up. The easter egg hunt was quite fun, we had to tackle Jay to keep some eggs for the younger kids to find, even though Lisa divided all the eggs up at the end. I think some of the adults were more kid like than some of the kids.

I also got to run Nan and Pop around one day so they could do some chores, was good to see them and spend some time with them and talk about some of the stories growing up with them. I remember one night we were staying with them at the old hut near the bridge and one of the cousins accidently knocked a packet of bullets into the fire and they started going off and Pop came rushing in and pulled all three of us out of there. There's heaps more stories of why I love Pop and Nan, I think we all have them.


So Yesterday we went for a car drive into the country side and I must admit it wasn't nearly as dry as what it is around Dunorlan at the moment. We headed out to a place called Orange to play a trial match of footy. Orange is just a little over three hours from here, and to get there you pass by Lithgow. Lithgow was my last area of my mission and as we drove past, I was amazed by how many memories came flooding back, by just the sight of the place.

I went up to Orange with Dave and Ande and there two girls Monique and Poppy, Mon and Poppy are both under 3, so I jammed in between them and their car seats and off we went. If you need some help with singing kids songs, I think I might be the man for you now. Hi5, play school and a heap of other cd's are now in my memory. I must admit we did have some fun and Monique and I were rocking out in the back seat.

As for the footy game we played 6 15 minute periods and the coach played me for all but 5 minutes, so I'm slowly getting back into it. He asked me the after the game for an honest answer of how i'm doing, so I gave him one and said I might be right to play forward line in reserve grade, but he goes we shall see. I wonder what you really need to do to get out of first grade. haha. Oh well I'll just do what I'm told for the year. We ended up losing by 8 points after being down by 45 with a little over two periods to go. I have a sore shoulder and sore knee from getting my head and body rammed into the ground.

Oh yeh, there were also a couple of tv stations there filming the game and also did some interviews afterwards, with the coach and a couple of recruits, so during the week there will be some footage on the news. Hopefully the club will be able to get some footage for us to watch

Monday, March 17, 2008

Steam ears

Well the net is on till the end of the month, so I thought I'd blog away till then. Even after then you may get an update of my slow life from time to time as I'm always at Dave and Ande's most saturday nights. We usually play footy and then head back there and have our junkfood night, or Should I say eat out night :)

Talking of Saturday, I was playing the wii on saturday morning and Dave called to see what I was doing and then goes do you want to come to Parramatta or are you going to be lazy and stay in bed. Seems as though work gave him a David Jones voucher, so he wanted to go get some clothes. I think he's worse than a girl when it comes to choosing what he wants and trying them on. The funniest thing was when he goes " I hate to say this, but I need Ande" I wonder how many more of the hubby's need you wife's to help them out. hehe. Is over an hour for a pair of trousers and three shirts the average?

I played another two quarters of footy on the weekend and I got to choose my position, so seeing as though I don't feel like running at the moment, I put myself up forward. Good choice I think, I see myself up there more this year, though it will just be reserve grade footy. I kicked a goal and set 3 up, so I was happy with how i am starting to go. One thing I learnt though was when you've taken a few nurafen plus, you may get hurt in the game and not really realise after the first minute of pain, but a few hours later, you wonder why you can't walk and your leg hurts.

Today I was having a cruisy day and then bang, whack and whallop. I had to deliver a pallet to the easter show at homebush, which starts this thursday and when I got there the guards wouldn't let me in, seems as though you need a special pass for the show, so I had to wait and ring the boss. He knew but had forgotten to give me the pass, so he made me come back to work for it which was about 30 mins drive away. On the way back another guy called me to see when I was going to deliver it, as it was supposed to be there by 2pm and it was like 1.40, I told him what happened, so he had to call them. I grabbed the pass and headed back and went to the gate again, and he goes, nope, wrong gate and they wont let you in with a photocopy anyway, but go try if you want. Well I did want to try, but nope they wouldn't let me in either. By this stage I was getting agitated, yes hard to believe....Not... I called work again and told them the photocopy was no good and they made a call and 20 mins later, the people from womens weekly came out with a pass for me. I delivered the pallet and on the way out one of the forklift drivers came out and goes do you have more, I go nope, I'm out of here, so he goes, well next time don't come over here, your not supposed to. I said this is where we always deliver to, he goes no you don't, I said mate I've been doing this for over a year and we always do shows here. I was so over it, he said some other things and I think i'd have been in one of those cartoons where the character has steam shooting out his ears. Kinda funny now I look back at it.

The show looks like it will be alot of fun though.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bye Bye net

So after 6 months of thinking about it, I've decided to get rid of my internet. So as of the end of the month your better off to call me on my mobile if you want me. I was talking to Dave and he was saying if I was sure, I could come over there and he'd hook me laptop up to their system if I need to use the net, so it's bye bye net and hello foxtel

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ricky's Mission

Have you ever gone to your mailbox and seen mail for you and you look at the address it's come from and you think "what have I done wrong" or "what do I need to pay for now"? Since buying a house I'm always waiting for the next bill in the mail, so today after work when i saw this white bag in there and a nsw address, I was dreading opening it, until I lifted it up and felt the weight and feel of the package.

When Lisa and Aaron were up, there were Ad's on the tv for Ricky Pontings million ball mission, where you could log onto the net and put in your details and they would send you some kind of sports ball. It was actually a rexona promotion(them wanting you to use rexone when your all sweaty and smelly). We never got round to it while Aaron was here, but after he left, I thought have a look and did all the info hoping for an aussie rules ball.

Well today I received the ball in the mail and it was a cricket ball, guess I can bowl the ball into my beanbag or something. haha

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two Weeks

Just giving you notice to lock the doors. This time in two weeks I'll be back down the apple Isle :)

I hear that a Cray might be on offer, but I'm figuring I'm more likely to get out the wallet and buy one, than us lot catching any :) I hear Abalone is nice though. haha

Catch you all soon :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

lil update

Just thought I'd say hi and let you know I'm still alive barely, pretty rubbish week with my health actually, but today is seeming good so far, good enough to perhaps go down and play an intraclub footy game and see if I can actually mark the ball still.

Dad arrived on Wednesday night and to try and save money I thought I'd drive round and round the airport and try to save parking fees, well after about the 7th lap and numerous phone calls I figured you better just park. I walked in and sat at the carousel while everyone got their bags. Well Dad called he was outside already, we crossed paths somewhere, don't know how, it's not that big an airport.

Dad had decided he wanted to come to work with me for a day to see what I actually do, but we weren't able to as insurance won't let us. We were going to flaunt the rules, but I had a guy with me for the day anyway. Man Did it bucket down, the rain was soaking us, as soon as we got out of the truck we were soaked, lucky for us the heater worked and we were able to get relatively dry each time. I actually worked for 13.5 hrs thursday and I think Dad was suprised a little. Yesterday i made up for it with only doing a little day of 11 hrs.

Dad has spent abit of time up at the temple doing sealings and seeing Tash and Tom take out their Endowments and get sealed this morning. I popped up for a spin this morning to see the Rouses and Wilsons, they seem to be doing pretty good.

Well I'm getting ready to go kick the ball, so you all have a good day now you hear.

I'll try and get the old man back to you safely!!