Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tonight I had some friends Dave and Ande and their two girls over for tea, it was the first time I'd had people over since I moved in apart from when Mum and Dad were up.

Well I cooked up a feast and it actually turned out ok.

While we were sitting around yacking, their daughter Monique who is two, was crashing around in the kitchen. After a little bit, I thought I'd investigate and what did I find? It was the funniest thing and it cracked me up, she had all red over her lips and face and I thought she must have gotten into the fridge and attacked the pavlova. Ande came in as well and we opened the fridge and I saw the pav had a fork in it. I closed the fridge and Ande had a closer look and it wasn't a fork, but it was a serving spoon for desserts. How smart was she, didnt even attack it with her hands, so we figured we should probably eat it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Remember When

I had a delivery to the back of no where the other week and as I was driving down this dirt road I came across this tent city. It reminded me of growing up and how we as a ward in Devonport would have our annual easter camp and raft race.

Those were the days, the easter egg hunt at night and then getting up early the next morning to go scrounge the eggs, because you could now see them. The bike riding with everyone else and the freezing water while swimming.

Whatever happened to those days? Would be nice to get together and get the tradition started again.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Star Track Special Services

Over the seven and a half years that I have lived here, I've worked at, or for star track express. I've had quite a few different jobs and have slowly made my way to where I am now. I guess I've just fallen into the work here actually. I started with an outside hire company when i first arrived and they sent me to Discount freight express, where I had to sort out pallets and pallets of mattel toys. After a few months they had used us for what they wanted, and we were no longer needed, but I had struck up a friendship with the guy in charge and he goes to me, come over to us and work for me, so being comfy where I was I swapped on over. As this happened the company also changed names to Star Track Express and we moved premises. I was a casual, but they had me in charge of three of the accounts and sorting the freight for them, after awhile when it was slow, they didnt want to pay me for all the hours I was doing, so I got moved to freight handle for the drivers. Funny thing is though, I ended up doing more hours there, as they wanted me to go out driving and delivering freight. The first few times I went out I was very cautious as I wasn't used to driving more than a car, even though the truck I drove was on a car license. I remember driving down Parramatta road and getting squeezed by bigger trucks and thinking I would get hit and so I would move further over and there the fun started, I smashed a mirror on a pole on the side of a road. Have you ever tried to drive a truck with a missing mirror? Not alot of fun let me tell you.

After awhile of doing this one of the drivers left and his job was advertised, and no one wanted his run, so I talked to the manager and said, pay for my license, give me a brand new truck and let me take my holidays when I want and I will do it for you and he came to the party and gave me everything I asked for. I did this for a year, when my supervisor left and so I had to fill in and do his job for a few months until they advertised the job. I applied, but it was given to another guy and I had to work under him. I lasted about a month before I got sick of having to help him and one day I saw my old boss and walked into the office where he was and I knew a few of the guys there and go " have you got a job for me" Seems as though there was a job there, and so I had a look. A few days later while walking in, the guy in charge of the job, waves me into the office and goes to me " have you put in for the job yet" I said no, so he gets me a form and says fill this in and hand it in. I do this and a few days later I get a phone call from my old boss telling me I got the job. 11 other guys applied for the job as well, and they gave it to me without an interview, Sometimes you just fall into the job.

My new job is Special services, we get all the jobs the other guys can't handle. We do alot of computer deliveries, some including million dollar computer racks, that you have to be very careful of, or straight out the door. Some days are great and some aren't so crash hot.

Below is a few pics from this week.

Here we have one of our trucks filled up with chairs from our head office, we had to pick them up and bring them back to work, then the next morning a few of us had to turn up at 5am to unload them, put them on pallets and then wrap them. Much better to sit on I think.

The finished product, lets just hope I don't drop them.

Yes I do have a license. haha

I had to deliver a wine rack to this private address and when I arrived there wasn't anyone in sight, but there were about 50 ducks and various other birds. Boy did that place stink.

This day I had a pretty easy day and had three hours to kill, so seeing as though I was out the northern beaches way I thought I would pop up to palm beach and see what it was like. Home and Away is filmed in palm beach, but flaming Alf was out of the country. I actually went to whale beach for a look, but the beaches were closed for dangerous surf conditions. It's pretty tight to get there in a truck.

A load of postie bikes, got to love delivering these and especially the new CBR's. Was good to go out there and sometimes catch up with Steph or Eden if he was working in the area. Also in the picture are interactive white boards for the schools, seems lately its all we've been doing along with grays online. Probably been at school more lately, than when I was in college. I'm just kidding mum.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just a Night of Training

So I decided to do it, I thought I'd go to training and see how I felt. Actually I got home from work and thought, no I'm not going to go, I cn't be bothered, but then thought it might be good for a ride, so 30 minutes late, I rocked on up. I was pleasantly suprised, there were actually people there. Well I hadn't takem ny gear, so on I went with my lovely fluro top and sneakers and boy could u tell i hadn't kicked or marked a ball, the first touch i had was an attempted mark and bang it hit the ground, the next few marks were two grabbers and the kicks mostly hit the turf. There was a moment of greatness, where I kicked the ball in front of the leading player perfectly and I thought there is hope.

I had a little chat to our playing coach( yes that is him in the pic) and he goes don't work to hard and to take it easy, so I've got it sweet, if I want to take that option. I thought this was a pretty easy session, but at work today my legs were cactus, I'm so sore. Is there any masseurs out there :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Giving Credit--When Credit is Due

I pride myself on being able to work a computer and when i can't do something I will just keep playing and then when push comes to shove I will pull out a manual. What can I say, I'm a guy. Since I started the Blog, Ive been able to do basic things, but last night I had a few problems. I wanted to download more than one picture and when I did it kept coming up on top and not going where I wanted. puzzlement filled my mind, what to do, I was thinking. Well what better thing could I do, but to go to the person who blogs and blogs and blogs, and yes she was online.
A click later and I had my manual, Seems as though Explorer doesn't work properly and I was to try fox instead. I was told they could bring me a download when they come up in two weeks to save my downloads, but alas I couldn't wait. Just a short time later and I was on the road again, the pictures were going where I wanted then to, and a Blog was born.

One more credit of adding others peoples blog links to my page, I think she shall soon be sick of the questions. Thanks Marge

Saturday, January 19, 2008

White Water Rafting

The good thing about Sydney having the 2000 olympics is all the new stadiums that had to be built. Just a 20 minute drive from here, down the freeway and you come to Sydney Olympic Park, where the main part of the olympics were, but if you head 20 minutes the other direction you have Penrith, where the regatta centre is. The regatta centre is where they had the rowing and also the white water stadium where the kayaking was held. This here is where we are heading. For a Christmas present from the Rances this year I was given a voucher to go rafting, so a couple of weekends ago, we decided was the time to go. The day dawned rainy, and I thought what a day to go rafting, but thought your going to get wet anyway, so off I went.

The Crew
I met up with the Rance kids, Elisa, Daniel and Luke along with Simon and Cassie Scicluna and David Young. We had abit of an audience from our crews family, who videotaped and took photos for posterity. Before we started we had to sign a disclaimer in case anything happened and then we had to do a briefing and get our gear. A few of our crew were abit wimpy and needed wetsuits (sorry Daniel, Cass and Simon) but they were soon to pay for it, when the sun started coming through amidst the rain and we got out arms pumping.

We had to get out here, the ramp wouldn't take three boatloads this day on it, perhaps some of us had eaten a little too much Christmas Pudding.

Just strolling down the water

Hold on were going down

We were on the water for about an hour and a half and at one stage you have to put your paddles on the side of the course and you go and do what they call surfing, where you get put in a certain spot and the guide who is with you gets you all to do certain things at the same time and you have to try and stay in the raft. Well our guide said everyone comes out, but not us, and he tried and he tried to get us to flip. Elisa did end up falling out later on, and on our last run with three rapids to go, our front paddlers put us onto a concrete bank and that was the end of us all, we flipped right over and we all ended up floating on down. The course is man made and the rapids are made by putting concrete post in the right spots and depths, so when you come out you need to keep your legs up or you will hurt yourself as the water depth is no more than a metre deep in most places.

If your ever in the area, you need to give it a try, it's worth the money and the experience

Friday, January 18, 2008

To Play or Not to Play

I have a dilemma, Football season is coming up, and right now I don't have the energy to play or even think about playing.
Maybe I should take up Dance, Perhaps Ballet.

NSW Drivers Are Useless

This Motorway although it looks nice in this picture is the bain of my existence at times. Now as a truck driver, I think I can comment on some of the practices of the nsw drivers and their roads. Today I had a late delivery up to Hornsby and what should have taken me 45 mins to get back to work took an extra hour. Why do I hear you ask, well it was raining. I hear a snicker(oops that might be me) and you may wonder why would rain add an extra hour to my trip, well it seems as though drivers up here don't know how to drive if they see a spot of it on their windows as they are driving. Without fail there will be at least two crashes on the motorway, from people tailgating, merging or not paying attention to what they are doing. The motorway is only 40 km long, but over the last year it has had more than 550 crashes. Well this is my rave about drivers up here and how they can't drive in rain and the guys at work agree with me. Don't let it put you off though, come up and visit us out west :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It Begins

So I have a confession to make, I've done a bad bad thing. I keep reading everyone's blogs and because some people don't allow anonymous comments, I've had to bite the bullet and get my own blog to comment, yes sad I know.

I might need a few tips to get started here, what to put in that will be of interest, I think PB might need to help me. Maybe get myself another camera, so I can add photos, or maybe I can just break copyright and use other peoples pics, who knows.

Actually this week, I feel like davey Crocket at the alamo, I see you thinking and pondering what I mean. Well Basically I'm the last of the Triffitt clan in the big city, well with the name Triffitt now. Steph and Chloe blew out of town this week, for the big city of Dunorlan where Eden and them are building a house. Just so you know, even though I didn't see you much lately, I will miss you guys and getting to pop around.