Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sun has Set

This morning we all put our brave faces on as we got ready to go farewell the man who has left us the best example to follow.  

I was proud to be able to with 5 of my other cousins to be pall bearers 
Mum had some flowers for the nephews and nieces and some petals for them to put into Pops grave, it was nice seeing them all together doing it.
I loved how Aaron helped Noah to be a part of the day with his own Rose, I know that Pop thought Noah was special.

I wasn't really suprised to see how full the chapel was, it would had to be closest  that it's ever been, a lot of people also came out to the cemetery for the grave dedication.  I had to have a little laugh when during one of the talks given by uncle Howard and uncle Shayne, that Pop had been in a gang of sorts, but that he hadn't really done anything he revealed in the last few years.

I know Pop would have wanted us to have tears of joy for him, but my Pop was gone, one of the main people I ever looked up to and the tears just flowed, knowing that he had left us.  Before the funeral service we had a chance to see him one more time and Pop just wasn't the man that I grew up with, He would take me down the river with him and we'd move irrigation, plant crops, fence, mow and bale hay and move and look after stock.   My Pop was a worker and he had these strong calloused hands that could do anything, he was always quick with a smile and would do anything to help you.  Was he perfect, probably not, but he had to have been the closest person I knew to it. 
It was good to see Nan all spruced up and happy for the most part and to see her brother Arne, who came up for the service.

I was walking to my brother Daniel's grave and Eden was there with his Daughter Chloe, she wanted to know about Daniel and why he died, and I thought it was pretty nice how he said "sometimes people just don't wake up"

Don't you just love the hat, 
Some of Pop's fav things, he used to play the harmonica all the time, he loved to wear braces to hold his trousers up and he loved the dirt and growing things.
Alot of people loved Pop and there was always someone coming up to me saying what a great man he was and telling stories of what he would do to help people out.

I've thought about this alot since Pop died and how Nan is doing knowing he isn't there anymore, my grandparents were married for 66 years and were still in love and devoted to each other, it's hard to communicate with Nan these days since she had a stroke and can't speak words, but it's nice just to sit with her and let her know you care and be near her.

There was a gorgeous sunset tonight over the Gog range and over Pop's riverflats, it seemed quite fitting for today.  The sun has set on Pop's life and he will always be my hero and the person I look up to, the example of the man I'd like to become and I'll always remember the love he had for his family.  I was never going to miss the chance of Saying goodbye, no matter what it cost me.

Have you ever known what you want to say, but Can't express it very well?  Right now I want to say alot more, but Lisa has covered it pretty well in her Blog.

"I love you Pop"   what more can I say.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A man to never forget

Once in awhile your touched by someone who you will never forget, sometimes it's just fleeting, but this person touched me for 32 and a half years, I was proud to call him pop

Pop was more than a grandfather, he was someone to look up to, he was a friend, a buddy, an example, father, great grand father, and also to me, a hero.  I was blessed to live just a paddock away from him for most of my life, I know nan loved you and misses you already, as do I

I will love you forever and the world is a better off place for having you around these 89 years

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh no, what was that bang?

Yesterday morning I was woken up by a loud bang, so I rolled out of bed and went to investigate what was happening as there were dogs howling everywhere and I'm always curious about bangs.  There were people everywhere and then the fire brigade and a police car showed up. 
Suprisingly there was no car crash, but the fire brigade were cordoning off a electric pole. I checked my power and there was faint lights and my pc screen worked, but nothing else would and my tv kept flicking on and then straight off.

I made a phone call to the electicity company to see what was happening, and got the message saying the power was out and they were determining why.  A couple of hours later the power came back on, so I went to jump on the pc and the monitor came on, but the box was dead, I thought ok, that might not be good, so I wiggled the power cords around and tried again, and there was still nothing.  Hmm, wasn't happy, so I left it alone for a few minutes and tried and filed again, out of desperation, I put the power cord straight into the power socket and hey presto there was life, which let me tell you I was very happy about as it's a fairly new pc.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A few pics of the last few weeks.

I hung out at Dave and Ande's Christmas morning and had a Skype with the Walters and Suzanne and Dave's parents who were in Tassie.

Poppy and I played the piano, yep I'm a maestro

 I captured a blue eyed girl hiding away

Christmas afternoon Jonny, Eden and I took Eden's new boat out for a spin on the harbour and wet a line, it was pretty choppy and didn't stay around for two long, I forgot how exciting it can be to have something nibble nibble nibbling away on your line.

Christmas night we headed up to the Cummings's for a bbq as Eden and Steph were staying there and they had a pool, but with the rain we didn't end up going in.

Lachie telling us a story, couldn't quite work out what he was telling us though

Jonny and Chase were thrilled to See Chrish with his camera for the 50th time

Vienna and Serena both smiled for the camera

Chloe thought she'd get in on the action and snapped away some pics

We played some Pool, the winnings were huge, who doesn't like bragging rights really?

New years was spent at Dave and Ande's for a bbq and to see the new year in with them and his brothers Craig and Gary and their families.  We did some ghosting as you can see.


Sydney is the place to be, Craig's wife Irena, even had her  mum here from Russia.

One hot day we decided to crash the Cummings place for a swim, I turned up just in time for the bbq food, seems like the rest of the Cummings kids, decided it was time to crash their parents too, I had my first swim in a few years.

I'd become a food photographer if I got to sample this all the time

I grew up with this rough looking character, he married a nice young lady and has 3 kids with another on the way.

I love how Pyper is doing her own Rabbit ears

I love to just take photos, there's nothing so simple to do, but can bring so much pleasure, I've taken hundreds lately, just to see what the camera can do and to have fun