Sunday, November 27, 2011

Queensland Sep 2011

I've been splitting my holidays over the last year between Tassie and QLD since Dave and Ande moved up north last year and since I have been slack blogging I've gotten behind on blogs, so thought I'd rewind to Sep when I was last in QLD.

The first day there we went to a local farmyard and got to play with the animals.  It didn't cost anything and you could but food for the animals if you wanted.

We nicknamed this Goat, Gertie, it liked to get attention.

Papparazzi at work, getting photos for her blog :D

Fri night Dave and I went to little athletics and I got to partner up with Poppy and help her with her events, but mainly I took photos and encouraged.

Saturday Dave and I hired a boat and went out for a few hours, luckily we werent fishing for a living or even for a feed, because we caught like three things all day, it was relaxing being out on the water.  We had to pull a jetski out of the mud for some french guys.

Sunday night I went and caught up with my cousin Konnie and her family, it's been nice to see them a few times over the last year and get to know them a little more.

Monday Ande, Monique, Poppy and I went up the mountain a little and had a short hike to a waterfall which was pretty nice, then after that we went and met Dave at Yatala famous pies. 

Thanks for having me, I love coming up and seeing you all.