Saturday, February 4, 2012

9 days of reflection.

 It doesn't seem like 9 days since we were in St Helens for our family holiday.  216 hours or so since it felt like the day stopped and we held our breaths as we were told by the ambulance guy that Aaron was gone.

I've decided that Simone needs a new name, Saint Simone seems so apt after the last 9 days.  Simone has been handing out the hugs, organising things for Aaron's funeral to help out, keeping Lisa company and an ear so she can vent and someone to cry with, all the while she is missing Aaron herself.


I feel so sorry for Lisa and the boys, I know that Jay has been trying to be strong for his Mum and I can't understand how he's feeling, but hope he knows that there's a lot of people who love him and will do anything for him. 

Lisa has been amazing, strong, courageous, loving and open with her feelings since the passing of her sweetheart and soulmate.  It's been nice staying with her before I have to head back to Sydney and work.  A lot of people have been following her blog with over 330,00 hits in the last few days since Aaron left us all, you can find her blog  Here

 Mum (Grandma) and I have been spending time with the boys, I've even taken to scooter riding.

 I thought Lisa could use some alone time, so I took the boys out to see my Dad (Grandpa) on the bit of farm that they have left and we got the motorbikes out for a ride. 

Kobe seems to always have a cute little smile on his face, he's called out for Noah and his Dad a few times, and tells me I miss Noah and I miss Daddy and last night came out of bed really crying for his Daddy.  Kobe can just about always put a smile a smile on someone's face, just yesterday we went to subway and the girl behind the counter was smiling away at him and saying, he's so cute.

 Poor Harri has lost one of his best pals, Aaron and him were sports fanatics together, I think Harri could give me more quotes and statistics about sport than Aaron, and that's saying something. 

 Aaron would have to be jealous right now, but also proud of Jay.  This morning I took the boys out to Uncle Eden's as we were going to go fishing on his boat.  Harri and Kobe ended up staying with Auntie Steph and Jay, Uncle Eden, Uncle Jared and I went out for a few hours and Jay is proud to say Kings 9 to Triffitt's 15, seeing as though there were three of us Triffitt's Jay came out on top and even pulled in two flathead together.  I ended up using Aaron's rod after letting Jay pull in the first fish on Jay's rod and Aaron; letting you know, your rod does get nibbles as I pulled in a few on it, but when we catch up again if there's fishing involved, I owe you a new rod as it snapped off down the rod :)

 Jay and Uncle Jared.

I usually take a few photos, but wish I'd taken more of our last day with Aaron as I'm lucky to scratch one or two up of him and they are of him in the distance.