Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It feels more Homely

So I finally got around to fixing my room back up after painting it and this is what it's turned out like. I walk in now and think I've done a decent job with painting and making it more attractive to go into, if thats the right word

The lounge room is now looking like a bomb gone off, while I finish that off. Elisa Helped with picking the colour for it, so pics to come when I stop being lazy and get in and finish it off

Sunday, November 16, 2008

So I definitely know I can't dance

Last night the stake YSA had a "so you think you can't dance" night.
I did my usual get there late routine and boy did that hurt, I turned up and they drew red on my wrist and took me to my room to meet my group, who turned out to be just me.

If you know me at all, you'd know that I don't dance at all and drama has never been my forte. There was rules up on the door and my song was sitting there next to the CD player. I sat there for awhile and then with the time ticking as there was 45 minutes to do a routine, I played my song which happened to be "make a man out of me" from the Disney movie Mulan. I had no clue about the song, so i sat there and about 15 minutes later I got some more team mates luckily. There were 4 of us in our group and luckily I didn't have to be in the main part of the routine. I got to pretend I was singing and joined in on some of the little parts.

I was more interested in my teams routine than in doing my job..oops. I blame it on the floor knee slide which I decided to do on the spur of the moment.

Luckily my group didn't make the final two as those teams got given another 12 minutes to go back out with a new song each and make up another routine for the final. For someone not into that, it was quite a fun night. Well after I had done my part anyway. haha

Monday, November 10, 2008

A visitor

I had a suprise visit tonight and look what I scored. They look so good, but I'm holding back the temptation of tasting one until after Tea time.

I remember " if you eat all your vegies you can have dessert"

Thanks Gillian :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Relaxing but interesting

Yesterday I went for a 2.5 hour motorbike ride with one of my friends Heath Walters. Heath is Married to Tamara, who is Brent Mitchells niece. It's amazing how much more things you see on a bike than on a car, for example when taking my bike out of the drive way I came across this little critter. It seems as though he must have been in my driveway one day while I was driving in as the snake was dead right in the driveway. I guess he should have let me know he was there.

We had a great ride, out to richmond and up bells line of road, up to bell and out to mt victoria and then down from the blue mountains back home. It was a great day for a ride and the scenery is Gorgeous up there, but we didnt really stop, so no pics of the trip. It was quite chilly up the mountains though, luckily I had worn jeans and my motorbike jacket.

After getting back and having lunch I thought it was about time I got back into painting the house and the sort of quarter finished loungeroom. I had a change of heart though on the colour, so I popped on down to check out more colours. It seems like I spend heaps of time looking at colours and not deciding what to do, that happened yesterday as well, I looked and looked and thought I'd found something I liked but sent a msg to a friend and she was with an interior decorator and she said nope, not that one. So I looked again and then gave up. lol. I instead picked a colour for my bedroom. As you can see I had a peach bedroom for nearly two years now, actually the whole house is peach.

My new colour and part of bedroom

I still need to do the trims, so my bedroom is pulled apart at the moment, will have to post another pic later to show you how it all turned out.

Later that day I got a phone call from Jarom saying he was a few hours away and if it was still okay to come stay with me, so he rocked on up with his girlfriend. We had pizza and watched a movie and they stayed the night, but headed off today for melbourne to catch the boat back home. Was good to ctch up, if even for a short time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What better to do on a Sat night

About 2pm friday afternoon I got a call from work asking me if I could work saturday afternoon for a few hours as there was some stuff from a show on down at Darling Harbour that needed to be picked up. I was to drive one of the old Bulk trucks instead of one of our tail gate trucks as the goods were too big to fit in them. After a few minutes I said ok, thinking about four extra hours of work wouldn't hurt the pay packet, and Being a single guy with no plans, I had nothing better to do.

The Turtle and I were assigned the job and after getting our trucks and driving down, we had about an hour and a half of sitting in a queue, we were then allowed to head on up to see the good and load on up. The problem being the goods werent ready to go, so we had to help wrap and shrink the goods.

We finally got the goods ready to load and loaded up the tailgate truck with all the little machines and stands and stand junk. We then had another 40 minute wait to get a forklift in to load my truck for me. There were about 5 guys from GBC there waiting for us to load which I found different, usually we just load the goods by ourselfes. After awhile we were loaded and they were watching everything we were doing, and asking me how I was going to load and where the straps were for the truck to tie down the machines. Well we were given ropes from work to tie down everything, so here I was trying to tie it all down decently and getting watched.

The problem with this being that in our tailgate trucks we have straps, so in 8 years of driving for star track express I have never learnt how to tie a rope properly. If you look at the picture above, the little machine on the left is worth about $500,000,00 and the bigger machine on the right is worth just over a million dollars. The Turtle didn't have any clue on ropes at all and all I had was the trusty truckies knot, that I'm guessing I learnt from someone when I was on the farm. The truckies knot was the go, so we tied on down and then the guys from GBC asked us how long it would be till we arrived back at their work. Both of us looked at them with a blank look on our faces and said, what do you mean, we were told the goods were coming back to you on monday. Seems like some miscommunication had been going on, we were told the big machine had to be plugged back in with in a few hours, so we said, guess were going back to your work then.

They decided to head off and meet us back there and we finished up securing the load. Let me tell you it was one of the slowest trips back down Parramatta road and further on, I was being alot more gentle than usual with that much money on the back of my truck, along with a smaller $200,000,00 machine. It was like 10.30 at night by this stage and we'd started at 4.30, so we were both hungry and thirsty, so we had a Maccas stop along the way. I grimaced at every little bump and hole in the roads, but when we got back there was no dramas, the knots had held and nothing had shifted, so the turtle was very impressed and asked me to show him how to do the knot. After unloading and heading back to work, we finally walked out at 12.35am. Not quite the 4-5 hours of overtime I thought we'd get, but the pay packet will benefit im sure, or should I say Kevin will be loving the tax from us. So as you can see we do do a little work everynow and again, nothing hard this night, just expensive, but thats our part of the company and why I have a job.

Friday, October 31, 2008

My Net Sucks

This week my internet has decided to go on holiday, sure I could look at the net, but each click of the keypad took like 5 minutes for a page to load, so I'd usually give up. Tonight seemed to be doing the same, but then it started to work, so I thought I'd try to Blog, but it seems not to be working, well the uploading of pics anyway. Actually I lie, they have just come through :)

I started off the week and thought a career change could be in order, so if the hat fits :)

A few of the locals out for a dip at Cronulla beach

I went and checked out the Scenery at Kurnell to see what all the fuss about the desalination plant was about. It was really quite pretty and scenic out there

I was wondering what the traffic jam was about for 3.30 in the afternoon, seems like a helicopter decided to make an appearance on the main highway out Sutherland way, as a motorcyclist was hit and needed to be lifted out. Any money it was a stupid car driver who caused it.
.Must have been a little bright that day.

This was absolutely gorgeous in real life

If I can't get the house on the beach, perhaps a house close to the river with a boat??!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Night of Mayhem

Yesterday I got a phone call from Daniel and so we went to Parramatta raceway for the night for the local speedway. I had been up here once in the time I've been here and remember going to the speedway in Tassie, so thought I'd take the camera to grab some pics.

Last night they had some monster trucks there as well, they didn't come out for much time tho.

The crowd was right into it

There was a van there with a jet engine that blew flames out and they burnt up a car with it, the noise was just like a plane going overhead

I think the best thing about the speedway is the smell of fuel, it's distinct from normal fuel. There were also some rollovers and some big hits into the walls. The Demolition derby finished off the night as per usual.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Freezing but Gorgeous

After a few weeks off going out with someone else and sitting in the passenger seat, enough hints were finally taken in and today I got back my truck again, as we had a new guy in the team since I got back to work and he's been in my truck. Everyone kept telling me I should be in it.
I still had someone with me to help me out and we had a reasonably easy day, just 6 drops and a pick up to do. All the guys in the team love teasing each other and one of the guys who is stuck in the city all the time wants to get out and go up the mountains sometimes, so because we had a delivery for Katoomba today, we took a pic for him and sent it to him, the reply wasn't quite printable.

The three sisters, can anyone tell why they are called that?

The day was freezing hence the hands in the pocket, you could freeze water into ice just about, just the day before they had snow here.

Leura has a lolly shop, so whenever I'm up that way I just have to call in. Never let a kid loose in there I say, I had to get myself some miniature peanut butter cups and red twisters. hmm

Yes another hard day I bet your thinking :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wanted A Millionaire Wife

Thats right I said it, but she has to be rich. I've decided the way I'm going I'm never going to be rich, so if you could all look out for a lovely Lady with money, it would be appreciated.

This is the reason why, a Gorgeous view overlooking the Pacific ocean

There are alot of pluses to my job, but getting to see different places and things, that I would never go anywhere near normally, has got to be one of the best ones.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A 3rd B'day

Yesterday was one of my favourite girls 3rd Birthday.

Monique was born premature in 2005, but you'd never know it now. At the time only like the family were allowed into the room to see Ande and Monique, but we somehow worked it out for me to go in as well.

Fast forward three years and Dave and Ande decided for her birthday we'd all go to an all you can eat restaurant and I was the only non family person there again, so I've been adopted in, to share the memories.

Mon in her princess dress

Dave and Ande's other daughter Poppy

Gary and Crystal Cummings

The enthralled crowd, Sis Cummings, Ande's parents and Dave

The Birthday girl

There were some guests who popped in for a visit, Dave's Sister Suzanne was up from Tassie and his sister in law Irena popped in for a few minutes to say hi until she had to go back to hospital as she had a premature baby just the day before.

A beautiful butterfly cake with Dave's Dad, the ex stake president

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Turtle

With my job in the special services department at work, we get alot of different jobs to do and alot of these jobs are for two men to do. Since I have been back at work I've been that second man to help out the other driver throughout the day, as they are trying to slowly work me back in, to see how I cope with things. I've been out with a few different drivers so far and today I was back with the turtle.

I gave the turtle his nickname a few months back and he's even started calling himself that. Do you remember the old story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

Let me retell the story for you in modern times.

There were three truck drivers and they had to go to the city and do a pick up from one of the big shows that they have each year. Each of these drivers had their own truck and so they helped each other pick up the goods and after awhile they were full and their was nothing else to pick up. So being full they decided perhaps it was time to head back to work and they had a discussion which way to go back, Two decided to go one way and the other suggested an alternate route, but seeing as though he was out numbered decided to follow along the other route. This route was an easy way, just a few motorways to follow, so off they went.

Things were going smooth until they hit the spped camera and after they went past that a couple of them decided that they were going to go a little faster. Two of them tore ahead and kept on overtaking each other to get back to the depot first, one of them was quite happy when he had got to the second last round about first and thought he had the prize won, the said prize being bragging rights. Alas to his dismay, he wasn't first to the line, the slow driver had taken an alternate route down the highway instead of the motorway and instead of being held up in traffic, had made up the extra time he was behind and went tearing through the round about and arrived at work before the other two.

The turtle today, he is always a blast to tease about that day and always has a smile once he has a coffee or caffeine.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hard Day

This is me working flat out today. It was hard work being near the water and eating chips.
I guess someone had to do it though, and if you weren't there, then better me do it !!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Top Secret

I have some top secret stuff for you, as part of my job, we get to deliver the new and expensive/fragile deliveries and guess what!!! Yes I could be in trouble for this, but Nintendo has brought out a new console and we got to deliver them yesterday. You wont find these babies in a shop though.

here's the packages after dropping them off, they must have a few in the boxes or the games will be huge as well.
The proof in the pudding, the new WePlay coming to a store near you, or perhaps not :)

Football Preso

Last night we had our football presentation for the year. I only ended up playing the three weeks this year, so I was thinking of not going as I didn't do alot, but changed my mind thursday.

The night is a shirt and collar affair, so dressed up we got.

I'm always talking about my friends David and Ande and how I play footy with Dave, so I snapped a picture of them, Ande looks real impressed with this shot i'm taking of them.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1st day back

So today I got to go back to work after three months off doing not alot. I had to get doctors clearance to go back, but I soon passed that easily enough. I rocked on up at 6 like usual and everyone gave me a good old welcome and asked who the new guy was, they all thought they were hilarious.

I didn't get to go straight back into my truck, but was put as an offsider, to sit in the passenger and help the other driver. So I got to have a snooze on the way to our delivery area and on the way home. I especially needed the afternoon snooze :)

This was near one of our delivery areas, yep straight back into the city, but I didnt mind it, just sat back and relaxed.

Everyone was commenting on how my cheeks have filled out and how I'd put on weight, so I guess thats good, because I've never been able to put on weight very well.

The main reason for going back to work, well I didn't know about it, but I was the last one to get my party bag :) A real bag, hat, sunscreen and bottle all with the famous star track logo and also a pair of glasses in the bag. What a bargain, worth going back just for the pack. haha

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank Goodness your here Night

This past weekend has been a long weekend for us in Sydney and Penrith stake had a mini convention. I've been trying to upload photos since friday night so I could blog a few times, but haven't been able to until I bought some new software, so now you get all the blogs close together.

Have you seen the show thank God your here and whose line is it anyway? Well Friday night was based on these shows.

She walked in to be a fitness instructor on how to use this certain bit of equipment, needless to say it didn't go so well for her

Captain supremo from a kids show

Captain Supremos groupies

Came into a kids party and got to sing his songs, was quite hilarious

Health inspector came into a retirement home, no exit doors, so she said they can jump out the windows

Take a guess what these two were up to or where they were.......
Did you guess???
They are actually sitting in two toilet stalls and they dont have any toilet paper, so they start talking, it was hilarious, the member of stake liked it so mucvh he got them to do it again. A little dodgy at times. lol

A guy shows up to meet his wife for a counselling session with a golf club. enough said.

Centrelink interview for a billionaire taking money off the government

Big private school with three motos they follow, Soccer, Rugby and Rugby League

Chef at a restaurant

It was a pretty fun night to watch