Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Westie?

I think I've started to integrate into the westie society. I can see a few of you wondering what the heck a westie actually is. Elissa probably knows better than me, but this is what I see it being.

Out here towards Penrith is the Western suburbs of Sydney and we have the cheaper housing, but we also have the reputation of being a baby capital for unmarried young single girls and unemployed guys, which isn't exactly true, but that is the stigma attached.

Another thing is shorts and tanktops or trackies, a top and ugg boots. You can always see someone down the street in uggies. Theres a few of my friends up here who have uggies and I've always given it to them about being Westies, so last year for my birthday and for a joke they bought me a pair. I believe Mum was the first person to use them, I've never really liked them, so since I wouldn't wear them, she did while she was up.

Yesterday was my second day home sick, and so I needed a doctors certificate to get paid. Anyone who knows me decent, knows I'm nearly always in trackies and a tshirt, and yesterday I was freezing, so I had on a fleecy jumper as well. Here comes the sordid confession, My feet were cold, so I actually had on my uggies on and even going to the doctors I thought, why not, just wear them it won't hurt, so I did. I thought I'd have company in the surgery but it was just me, oh the shame.

After the doctors I went over to my friends and they noticed right away and had a smile on their face. I have to admit, my feet are nice and toasty now :)

So perhaps I have integrated??

Monday, April 21, 2008

Movie Post

So today while lying on the couch and relaxing I was flicking through the channels and came across one of the movie channels and We are Marshall was on. I thought I'd seen it before but was suprised to see I hadn't so I flicked it on and found out it was a true story. Now for you haven't seen it it's a true story from the early 70's about a gridiron team in the states and seeing as though I love sports it was right up my alley, but I think it's good for most people, sports lovers and all. Kinda like Remember the Titans, but a little different at the same time.

If your looking for a movie to watch I'd suggest this one, no scenes you need to worry about and I don't think there was language, none I can remember anyways

Sick Day Monday

So I finally gave up and have taken a sick day. I've had the flu for the last couple of weeks and after the first week I thought it had gone away, but this last week it came back with a vengeance. I know where the phrase coughing up a lung comes from now.

We have only 10 drivers and two off siders in our section and the last week there was only 6 drivers and an offsider, so I pushed myself into work each day and thought I'd just about die with all the coughing and spluttering and so last night I said enoughs enough and called in nice and early so I could sleep in this morning and not have to wake up to call in sick. The boss was more than happy that I'm home which is good.

I've realised the first few things when I'm sick, I won't get the bike out and ride, I don't like talking on the phone and I hate the computer and sitting in front of it, so they have all been neglected over the last couple of weeks.

A little update on football, yes I was crazy and went ahead and played Saturday was our second game, the weekend before we won our first game, then this last game I got dropped to reserve grade for being a no show to training and not calling. I was supposed to play on the ball, but after about 5 minutes Dave got me dragged from there to the backline because I had no energy, but somehow I got put on their two best players. We got flogged by about 70 points. I then had a chance to go up and play first grade and sit on the bench which lasted a quarter before getting a run in the forward line and wing for the rest of the game. We won by 32 points and have now won two games in a row, thats a game better than all of last year, but we now have the top teams coming up the next month.

Before footy I went with Dave and Ande shopping and while they looked for clothes for the girls I kept an eye on Monique. We were in Kmart so Monique had plenty to look at and play with. I took my eye off her for like a couple of seconds and before I knew it she had disappeared, I looked down one row, then darted across a few more the other way and thought, good job Christian, you lost her. A few seconds later I hear Chrishy from a few aisles over and there she is looking for me. It was pretty scary for a second, yes I hear you parents laughing.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My little bit of Heaven

I found my little slice of Heaven during the week. Perhaps in a few years I might be able to afford it, well not exactly this slice but something like it. If you know me at all you would know that I love nothing better than being on a farm and around animals and bikes and the like. Find me 25 acres and a little house or a place to build a house and I'll be tempted to move anywhere. I know my Pop has rubbed off on me in this way. I was always around him growing up and he'd rescue me from the parents and take me with him in the ute and off to the river we would go and later on I always had work with him if I wanted or needed it.My friend Dave and I have been talking about finding some land we can buy for weekenders and some bush and a dam, seems like were more and more city slickers now wanting to get away for weekends, though he has always been one.
These Photos are from a place called Tennyson just out the back of Richmond, I had to do a delivery of airconditioners there a couple of times this week.

So if you can find me some nice land I can run a couple of cows and fool around on bikes just let me know :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Mercy Rule

So yesterday I thought I'd have one last relaxing saturday before getting back into football again for the season. I woke up and thought, mmm a bath sounds good so I piled on in for a couple of hours and read a book, which I admit I quite like to do alot.

After this I thought I should probably get my car registered as it has been out of registration for about 3 weeks and up here you need to get a green slip, which is insurance for injury which you might do to the other people on the road, a pink slip, which is a car check every year and then finally go and pay your registration. I've quite enjoyed riding the bike everyday, but got to thinking it might be good for the car again as I was thinking I might need some groceries and you can't get get that many on two wheels. I did a ring around and got some quotes and finally went with a company and they go well you had the green slip with us last year, so I said, well that will do me then. On the way I stopped at the local westfields and got a haircut and also bought a new wii game as family home evening is here this week, so I thought an extra game will be fun. After this I went to the Roads and Transport place and realised I forgot the pink slip, so home I went. I got it and decided I'd go to Penrith this time instead and then go and watch some footy as it was a nice warm day.

When I first moved up here I played for the St Clair Crows and their juniors were playing, so off I went, I found a nice spot on the hill and some nice sunshine and sat back to relax. After awhile I had a few people come up to me to see what I was up to and to see if I was playing still as they wanted me to come over and help them coach the under 16's. I told them I was still playing, so they asked what days I trained and then they go to me, well if your not up to anything on wednesday nights you know where we train, we'd love some help. One of the old playing coaches was also there and goes Chris how fit are you feeling, I go why and he hands me a whistle and a white top. I go to him I hope it's only boundary, luckily it was. I did one game and they go feel like doing another one, I said if you find someone for the first half I'll do the last. I wasn't expecting to run the boundary and because it was cold earlier on and I was on the bike I was in trackies and it was hot as. The younger teams did ok, but the last game with the 16's, they only had 5 boys who had played before and the half time score was something like 120 to 1, so the umpires and the other coach came over and invoked the mercy rule and gave some of his players over and the game was a lot more interesting after that.

Well the day wasn't quite as relaxing as I was first thinking but overall it was quite interesting and the gallop around the boundary should give me a little more fitness, which I need in bucket loads.