Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tea with the Horsmans

I have been abit slack getting this Blog up as the pics were on my phone instead of my camera, but I just have to Blog about going to the Horsmans for tea last week. Jared and Jacquie always have me over for tea when I'm down, I think it may have something to do with harrassing me about finding a wife and letting them know a date so they can come to Sydney. haha.

This time I needed to earn my keep, that morning the washing machine had broken down, so Jacquie had to wait for Jared to come home to see if he could fix it. We had a go before tea, but had to end up having another go afterwards.

President Horsman thought he'd had this problem before, so had a spare part for it already to go.

As with all good repair men, what good is fixing something if you don't have spare parts over? We had screwed it all back together and then found out we had two more parts left, at least next time the pres knows where they are from.
A water leak was an easy fix, but it still made us think we'd stuffed the job

After setting the washing machine back up, we ran the clothes through and the rinse cycle didnt seem to be working, so I sat on the couch while Jared watched what was happening as we were afraid it was filling up again and would overflow. After awhile it seemed to just rinse, and by this time Jacquie was back from basketball, so we called it off. Guess what though, the rinse cycle was supposed to be a deep one and so we had sat around looking for ages for no apparent reason. haha. Gave the pres a chance to chat with me though. Thanks for Tea guys, love seeing you

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tea with the Clan

On Saturday night Mum made a decision to invite everyone out for tea, we weren't all supposed to get together until next weekend when we have a photo shoot set up for all us to get photo's done, but last night everyone came out for a roast. Luckily Steph had a roast chicken as well or we might have been having peanut and jam sandwiches with the mob that showed up.

You dont realise how many people there are in this family now until, they are all around together causing mischief. You think you have most of the kids in a picture and then another one will pop up.

We found Jay a new job for when he's older, when he's done with being the family bell ringer, perhaps he could become the village bell ringer instead.

The adults table, notice most of the guys weren't there

Eden wasn't too impressed with two people taking photos all night, notice the face. haha

Aaron hanging out with the kids and helping with Crowd control

I wonder what mischief these two little chaps are into?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Light on Words, big on pictures

This is one of my favourite pics I've taken since being down here

Coming into Latrobe

Just liked the Angle and the bridge through the trees

Lucky he liked posing, I missed the first shots I really liked, so had to get him to go back

Haha, I love the grin

Looks like it should be selling Chinese food

All the colours of Autumn

This is my Hansel and Gretel shot

How cute is he !!

Harri got a little petrified for this set of pics
Who said kids have all the fun?

Just a nice shot

The Tamar river from a good point

I just think this is a nice shot of them both

I think Aaron is trapped and down for the count

Cade, Ty and Paul showing off their moves at the church dance

Play it again DJ, Laurie, Gemma and Sam

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not allowed to lift, so look what happens

I'm still on the banned list for lifting anything or doing anything strenuous at least until my insurance runs out, so today Dad went to mark some lambs and Mum wouldn't let me help, so she went outside herself.

Notice the arms wide, the feet aren't quite squared to the body though.

After a few attempts, the catch was made, notice the grimace on the faceAhh yes, the attempt made it to the keeper, notice the grin from ear to ear as the pretend farmer comes into play
Ahh, what do we have here then? (insert comment)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eddystone Point trip

Today we ended up finally going for a fishing trip, Eden and I had been talking of a fishing trip for ages, but with everything happening with my operations, we just weren't able to go when we wanted to. Jared was going to come originally, but couldn't this time around, so that was abit of a bummer as it would have been nice to spend the day with my two brothers.

When we were younger our family along with a few other families went to Eddystone point and stayed and Uncle Tom took his huge boat down there and we caught fish and he also had a crayfish pot and I remember getting a cray in it and also a huge Eel. Well Eden and my cousin Levi decided that we'd go fishing this monday and that we'd head down to Eddystone point for some crayfish and I couldnt remember where exactly it was.

I think I just about got the right light on this photo, I quite like it, probably one of my favourites for the day.

Levi, Jarom and Eden checking the layout of the land, or is that water were about to go on?

The reason I brought my car all the way from Sydney, so I could pull Levi's boat down to Eddystone point, looks like a good combination to me, a new toy perhaps in the future?

Look at this ripper, we thought all our prayers had been answered at once, when we dropped the line in and pretty quickly came up with this ripper after we were expecting some lesser known fish, that we'd chuck back

My cousin Jarom and I just waiting for Levi and Eden to bring us some Crays in

My cousin Levi, with the catch of the day, Just had to get a shot

Eden getting all setup

I didn't dive for Crays so I had some spare time on my hands to play around with the camera, so I took a bazillion shots of everything, including myself

These were the two biggest flatheads of the day, actually we only caught 4 of them all the time and had to throw one back

Levi caught this beauty, they catch Crays by diving, today we only got to keep 5 of them and had to throw about 15 back as the season is over for Female Crays

The cleanup crew, while I was out playing with my camera, the boys did all the cleaning for us

The boys, just had to get a shot of us all together

I saw the sunrise and also set and it was in my eyes driving both ways, but it was pretty spectacular when it set

4am starts don't do me well, but if I was to show you the other three in the car, they were worse, they went to sleep on me. I had alot of fun just sitting round and talking and watching the boys grab all these crays and also getting to fish after it being so long. Ciao