Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nan and Pop's 66th wedding anniversary

This afternoon I had the chance to catch up with alot of the extended family up at Grenoch for Pop and Nans wedding anniversary. Can you believe being married for 66 years? I have a hard time imagining 1 year let alone that amount of time. Congrats Nan and Pop

Nan was looking quite spriteley today which was great

We even had a song made up for the occasion and we all got to get the words to singalong to it, I was busy taking a shot of everyone singing.

There you go Em, you made it to the Blog :)

If your ears can hack it along with your eyes for the roving, have a gander

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stormy Heavens

This is what I woke up to this morning

The last few mornings have been gorgeous and last night we had a thunderstorm and there were warnings about the weather for today and the wind. I've been riding my motorbike to work lately, but thought today I didn't want it to get blown away with the wind and it was a good choice.

You were lucky to see much out of the window from all the dust that was surrounding Sydney today

The wind really picked up in the afternoon and getting out of the truck to take the pictures, it felt like I was about to be blown away.

Not your usual view of lovely Sydney, but it was an interesting day, when I got home I was glad to shower and get rid of all the dust and grit built up. Actually it reminded me abit of working for uncle Tom and sanding his log cabins and then coming home and you'd have dust and sawdust everywhere you could just about think of.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Saturday

Dad has been up this week, last night I asked him what he wanted to do for today and he didn't really say anything, so this morning, I thought we'd go for a drive up to Wentworth falls and have a look. As we were driving up, he goes to me I've never been up the mountains before, so instead of Wentworth falls, we kept on going to Leura. I wanted to hit the lolly shop, but we couldn't get any parking close so kept on driving instead.

Dad at his first visit to the sisters after numerous times coming to Sydney

The local talent

Was a nice day for a walk

Dad became the official photographer, I don't think he could believe how many photos he had to end up taking.

One stop I always took when I lived in Dubbo was Victoria pass

Loved this place, was an awesome time there

After a little remembering I found my old place after 11 years

Eden has been wanting a new toy for his business and asked me to try out a digger for him, I wonder if this is what he is after?

At the end of the day, it felt like Sydney was burning up, but it was just bushfire backburning. I had a nostalgic tour for the day and Dad came along for the ride, I guess at least it was a part of NSW he hadn't seen. I enjoyed my playing round