Sunday, January 17, 2010

A few pics of the last few weeks.

I hung out at Dave and Ande's Christmas morning and had a Skype with the Walters and Suzanne and Dave's parents who were in Tassie.

Poppy and I played the piano, yep I'm a maestro

 I captured a blue eyed girl hiding away

Christmas afternoon Jonny, Eden and I took Eden's new boat out for a spin on the harbour and wet a line, it was pretty choppy and didn't stay around for two long, I forgot how exciting it can be to have something nibble nibble nibbling away on your line.

Christmas night we headed up to the Cummings's for a bbq as Eden and Steph were staying there and they had a pool, but with the rain we didn't end up going in.

Lachie telling us a story, couldn't quite work out what he was telling us though

Jonny and Chase were thrilled to See Chrish with his camera for the 50th time

Vienna and Serena both smiled for the camera

Chloe thought she'd get in on the action and snapped away some pics

We played some Pool, the winnings were huge, who doesn't like bragging rights really?

New years was spent at Dave and Ande's for a bbq and to see the new year in with them and his brothers Craig and Gary and their families.  We did some ghosting as you can see.


Sydney is the place to be, Craig's wife Irena, even had her  mum here from Russia.

One hot day we decided to crash the Cummings place for a swim, I turned up just in time for the bbq food, seems like the rest of the Cummings kids, decided it was time to crash their parents too, I had my first swim in a few years.

I'd become a food photographer if I got to sample this all the time

I grew up with this rough looking character, he married a nice young lady and has 3 kids with another on the way.

I love how Pyper is doing her own Rabbit ears

I love to just take photos, there's nothing so simple to do, but can bring so much pleasure, I've taken hundreds lately, just to see what the camera can do and to have fun


The Kings said...

GREAT photos Chrish! You have been busy. You have got the photography bug - love it!! :)

Kylie's blog said...

Looks like you've been busy! I really do like that last photo - think you could be on to something!

Anonymous said...

Too much fun!! It's weird seeing the pics of all you guys at mum and dads place, I kept looking for us in the photos :P
Sounds like you had a fun Christmas/New Years....welcome back to the blog scene :)

Anonymous said...
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Princesses in waiting said...

Chrish great photos, we really need to get more of a life then just hanging out at home!
Are you camping this weekend?
How are the dizzy spells going

Nettie's Blog said...

Good Job..about time you got your act together Chrish...see it didnt hurt a bit did that you are in the swing keep on going...
Love them all especially the one of your face on the boat fishing in the rain..he he
you have some wonderful friends up there..
who was that with the beard and the three kids one on the way grew up with..didnt recognise him..should I????

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog Chrish.
Love Mum.

Country/City Boy said...

Thanks for the comments, I like that pic too Kylie. Suzanne it was weird being up at your house without any of your family there.
Ande, we did more than hang out at your place, we went up to the Cummings, not sure about going camping. Some days are better than others with the dizzy spells, today wasn't a good day, felt pretty crap again.
Sis C the guy in the beard I'm sure you'll recognise, it's Ryan Hargreaves.