Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Swans training and slotting some Goals on the SCG

Today for work I had to deliver some computers to the Sydney Swans, so after I had delivered them I asked the receptionist if training was a closed session and it was except for a group of Aboriginal kids who were in Sydney for a visit.  She goes do you want to see them train and as I'd finished my work and it was very early in the day, I said yes if possible, so she gave me a contractors pass and opened a ack door for me and took me into the SCG to see the boys train. 
I just got there as they were all coming off the ground as most of them were going to the pool, but a few of the younger guys stayed out and ran laps and sprints, so I sat down and watched them do their thing.  The Aboriginal kids all got to go onto the ground and have a kick and as they were coming off, one of the balls came my way, so I decided it was for me and emptied my pockets of keys and passes and phone and went for a bounce of the ball and kicked some goals on the field.  Oh to have a field like that to play on, the ball came back from the lush grass when you wanted it to and it was fun slotting a few goals and having pot shots from 50 metres and the feeling of what it would be like to play in front of a packed house and the atmosphere you would Everyone can dream right :)
Captain Kirk
The boys came back after awhile for a quick jog and warmdown, Goodsey, Jude, rising star Hannebery and big Pikey stretching out
Goodsey and I, what a nice bloke he was!!  Definitely one of the good blokes and great players


The Kings said...

Very, very cool!!! What a great day at work!

Anonymous said...

Never a boring day with you is it Chrish?
Love Mum.

Watson said...

It looks like you are jumping on the bandwagon Chrish! Nah, we all know where your loyalties ly.