Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

 This year for Christmas I had my friends Dave and Ande come and stay with me as they had moved to Queensland and had decided they would come back and spend Christmas with their families, so we had a bit of Christmas spirit, with us as they have their two daughters.

Ande decided that we needed a tree and as it was only me usually, I hadn't bothered, so she bought a tree and  her and the girls decorated it.

Second stop for the day after we all left to go our seperate ways was at the Rances, who decided id been a stranger for to long and so rang me up to come over, so ended up their for lunch and a chat and a snooze on their couch :)

After the Rances I headed over to North Richmond and visited with the Hargreaves and the Sandelin-Mccanns and watched a movie and had tea.

Who knew that huggies nappies boxes would come in so handy for a piniata :)

 It was a nice day all up and was nice to spend it with lots of friends, who have meant so much in my life from early childhood friends to people who have taken me in and looked after me well the last few years.


Watson said...

Looks like you had a lovely progressive Christmas Chrish. Great photos, it's nice seeing photos of Ryan's kids.

Kylie's blog said...

You take beautiful photos. Glad you had a nice Christmas and hope you are prepared for 2011 - The Year Of The Hawk!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chrish for the lovely photos of our great grandchildren that we don't get to see very often!

George & Alison

The Kings said...

Great Christmad and great photos!

Pays said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! We did get lots of snow right before Christmas and then it all melted :( Another big storm is brewing for tomorrow, so it will be another snow day for sure! Merry Christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

I knew you didn't buy that tree.
Glad that you had such a busy day catching up with everyone.
All the kids are gorgeous.
Love Mum.