Thursday, June 12, 2008

1st day of freedom

Ahh what to do with your first day off work? Well to start with instead of getting up at 5.30am for work, I slept in until 9.30am, you have no idea how good that felt, well you ladies with babies and young kids probably can dream how good it would feel :)

I hadn't been to the movies in like over a year, so I tee'd up with Elisa to go see a movie and we decided we would go and see the new Indiana Jones movie as we both hadn't seen it. The Crystal Skull was pretty good, pretty much like the other movies it's come after, although Harrison Ford is looking a little older, much like the rest of us these days.

When I got home I found a footy game on foxtel and laid down on the couch with a doona to watch it, I think I made it through about 20 mins before I fell asleep and woke up about 4pm. I'll tell you one thing, it was a nice sleep compared with my usual afternoon sleep lately where your all balled up on the drivers seat with your legs over or around the steering wheel of the truck and you wake up with sore and dead legs. haha.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chrish, happy holidays!!! Looking fowaed to seeing you next week. Your Dad and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and I didn,t enjoy it at all. I think Harrison Ford should retire Lots of love Mum xxx

The Kings said...

Chrish - you just had to rub in that we don't get to sleep in hey!? Glad you can get some rest. Hope you feel better soon.