Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Early Memory

When I was younger Mum and Dad took us all on a holiday to the mainland, I believe I might have been 8, or turned 8 while we were away. We drove up in the van and there's a couple of things that stood out while we were in Sydney, one was Mum and Dad going to see Ray Martin and we also stayed at this caravan park, that had a river near it. I always remember the river and the track that ran along it and when I first moved up here, I always thought where was the caravan park. I remembered it was the lanecove caravan park, but as I worked around lanecove I couldn't work out where it was.

A couple of years ago I had a delivery for the caravan park and so I knew where it actually was this time, not in lanecove but in north ryde. After buying the kayak I decided i'd one day give this river a paddle and last night I decided i'd try it today. I woke up at 3am and it was pouring with rain and also at 6am, so thought ok, a day inside instead. About 9 it cleared up a little and so I loaded up the car and off I went for a drive.

The river wasn't as clean as others but it was abounding in life. There were fishing jumping and surfacing everywhere, lizards, even an eel was casually swimming along and lots of birds chirping away. I actually nearly jumped out of the kayak once, when a big fish jumped out of the water with a crash not more than 30 centimetres from me.

These two characters must have thought I was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing.

He must have been worn out and hitched a ride, didn't pay a fare though.

I saw these two ducks and wandered on a little closer to them and they took off and look what I found stuck in the leaves, it's not everyday you find a $20 note

I was about 20 mins paddle back to the car when I heard some thunder and within 5 mins it was crashing right above me every 2 mins, there was also lightning flashing and I was considering jumping out of the kayak for awhile, especially since my paddle was part aluminium. I soldiered on and eventually made it back but the ramp I launched out of and there were a heap of people in the boat rental shop and they just all smiled when they saw me coming in all soaked through. I asked someone to take a picture for me of me, but my camera battry had died and now I think it might have been water as well as it will turn on, but thats it, so hopefully it will dry out again and start working properly

I'm actually quite liking just floating along and doing my own thing and just relaxing. I had the river all to myself as most people kayak the other part, which I will try out soon enough.


The Kings said...

Oh wow!! What an adventure Chrish!! Beautiful pics and what a bonus finding $20!!! You will have to go there again - hopefully this time it wont rain! :)

Kylie's blog said...

What an amazing place - with all that wildlife and the tropical thunderstorm it looks like a jungle scene - maybe from Anaconda!?!!? It's amazing how different all the states are with their wildlife - I'm glad we don't get those big lizards!!!

The word verification is Congo - quite apt after your adventure!

Watson said...

Nice you scored $20 Chrish! That would of covered your fuel and the cost of a hot shower after those storms! I can even remember that caravan park. I remember seeing Mum and Dad on TV, in the audience of the Ray Martin Show. You're very adventurous taking your camera out in the kayak. Hopefully the battery dries out so you can take it out again.

Anonymous said...

What dags we were to go and see Ray Martin!!
The river and park are beautiful but it gives me the spooks with all those horrible lizards.They look like mini dinasours, and what a bonus finding 20.00.
You notice that all your family are probably more thrilled about you finding the money. Ha. ha.
Hope you don't catch cold.
Love Mum.

Georgie said...

Hiya Chrish

I asked Damien about the Georges for Kayaking, he thinks that it is probably a little bit busy, he thinks that Port Hacking would be better, probably around Darook park and Gunnamatta park at cronulla.

take care!