Friday, April 8, 2011

20 Year Love Affair

20 years ago there was a new team who came into the AFL, I remember thinking that thats my team after seeing them come into the competition and from game one against the Hawks, where the Crows touched them up by 86 points, I was hooked.

For someone who likes their team there's nothing quite like being in a home crowd and I had never been to Adelaide before, so seeing as though this was the anniversary of the Crows coming into the competition, I thought I better change that and headed over to Adelaide for the weekend.

The original players were shown to the crowd before the new crop of stars came on to play, earlier on in the day Andrew Mcleod, football superstar who retired the year before was on playing a game for the Northern Territory team, he was rolling along as per usual with ease.

The banner says it all!!

.Well worth the money and the experience of being in a crowd who wants a win as much as you

One of the two premierships we have won.

Two legends of the club.

A couple of more legends.


Anonymous said...

Long time between posts Chrish!!!
Loved the blog.
Love Mum.

Cullis Family said...

Awesome banner! Must have been great to join the home crowd!

Princesses in waiting said...

Fantastic a post, Love the photos was this with your new camera

Kylie's blog said...

Great photos! It would have been a fantastic game to be at - amazing crowd (and a pretty good result for you!)

Nettie's Blog said...

WOW you are really passionate about that team ...good for you Chrish...
I have missed your fabulous photography and posts...welcome back...Yeah!!!