Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Saturday 2012

 After Good Friday at Mum and Dad's, Lisa and the kids and Jared and Becky and their kids and I stayed overnight at Mum and Dad's and on the Saturday we were thinking of what to do for the day or where to go for a walk and we ended up deciding to go to a place close to Mum and Dad's.


 You would expect that on a nice walk you'd be unpestered and would be able to relax, but the Papparazzi found out and was out and about :)

 The walk was very easy and the kids were even able to do it very easy as it probably only took about 15-20 mins and you were able to come out at a lookout and have a gorgeous view of a river and these stunning cliffs.

 Whoever knew we were from Eskimo stock?!

 We were thinking Simon must have given Simone some vehicle tracking devices to put on one of the cars, because as we were at the lookout, Simon and Simone actually came around the corner, as they had heard about the walk in the last couple of days and thought it would be cool to do it too. 

 I thought it would be cool to get a shot of the kids on the step, but their were too many directors trying to get them in deifferent places and not where I thought it was cool and one of the models didn't want to cooperate at all.

 Just hanging out at one of the sites along the track.

 Simon had a video camera as well as their normal camera, so they had all the angles covered.

 I think pink suits Jared just nice right?!

 After Alum Cliffs, Lisa, Mum, Jay, Kobe and I headed into Deloraine and had a walk around and I went off and fooled around taking some photos for a few minutes.