Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Monday 2012

 Monday morning I got a text from Steph asking what we were doing, so we called her back and we all decided to head down to Port Sorell and spend some time down at Hawley Beach.  The weather wasn't real hot, the sun wasn't scorching, but we headed on down anyway.

 I'm not sure who grabbed my camera, but these are the results.

 I always laugh at myself when i see pictures of me kicking, with me pulling a face or the tongue hanging out, I wonder what I look like in a real game and I'm about to get hit for real.

 Ty and Cade came down to the beach for a kick with us for awhile until we got tired and hot.  Cade had just got back from serving a mission for two years from Japan, so it was good to see him while I was down, now to get Cade to move up to Sydney to try out for the giants! :)

 Eden has a kicking face too I see

 Haz and Jay playing in the water.


After a bit Eden and I were saying how flat it looked out there and we hadn't gone fishing as it was supposed to be a bit windy for boating, but Eden thought it looked ok, so Eden, Jared and I went to Eden's and picked up his boat and thought we'd try and catch some fish.

 We headed back to the family first and picked up Jay, who is always up for a fishing trip and Lachie also wanted to come, so we waded out and grabbed him too.  The water was a little choppy out, so we ended up trying to find a place where it was a little calmer and Jared and Eden were able to catch a few flathead and after a bit, we lost two rigs and were all pretty cold, so decided to call it a day and headed in. 

Was nice seeing all the family and getting to spend some time with them over Easter, it did seem different than usual though without Noah and also the clown of the family Aaron.