Monday, April 21, 2008

Sick Day Monday

So I finally gave up and have taken a sick day. I've had the flu for the last couple of weeks and after the first week I thought it had gone away, but this last week it came back with a vengeance. I know where the phrase coughing up a lung comes from now.

We have only 10 drivers and two off siders in our section and the last week there was only 6 drivers and an offsider, so I pushed myself into work each day and thought I'd just about die with all the coughing and spluttering and so last night I said enoughs enough and called in nice and early so I could sleep in this morning and not have to wake up to call in sick. The boss was more than happy that I'm home which is good.

I've realised the first few things when I'm sick, I won't get the bike out and ride, I don't like talking on the phone and I hate the computer and sitting in front of it, so they have all been neglected over the last couple of weeks.

A little update on football, yes I was crazy and went ahead and played Saturday was our second game, the weekend before we won our first game, then this last game I got dropped to reserve grade for being a no show to training and not calling. I was supposed to play on the ball, but after about 5 minutes Dave got me dragged from there to the backline because I had no energy, but somehow I got put on their two best players. We got flogged by about 70 points. I then had a chance to go up and play first grade and sit on the bench which lasted a quarter before getting a run in the forward line and wing for the rest of the game. We won by 32 points and have now won two games in a row, thats a game better than all of last year, but we now have the top teams coming up the next month.

Before footy I went with Dave and Ande shopping and while they looked for clothes for the girls I kept an eye on Monique. We were in Kmart so Monique had plenty to look at and play with. I took my eye off her for like a couple of seconds and before I knew it she had disappeared, I looked down one row, then darted across a few more the other way and thought, good job Christian, you lost her. A few seconds later I hear Chrishy from a few aisles over and there she is looking for me. It was pretty scary for a second, yes I hear you parents laughing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes that is scary Chrish! Maddi deliberately hides when we go shopping. She runs off and hides right in the middle of the clothes racks so you can't see her, and calls out "Maddi... Maddi" for you to go and find her. She thinks it's a great game.