Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not much to do.

So Today after 6 weeks, I decided it was time to pull the motorbike back out and see if it would still start, and she was still purring away. I had a few things to go and buy that a lady Lisa has started to see, thought would be good for me to try, so I can get over this latest bout. I like to call them witch doctors, but sometimes you will give anything a try. haha.

After this I thought I'd go and support my football team I play with and watch their games as I'm taking some time off at least till July if I play again this year. Both of the teams got flogged again, as were down alot on numbers with injuries this year. Was nice and sunny and warm though, and a sausage or bacon and egg sandwich always goes down well.

Dave was also out injured, so he came to watch and brought Monique with him, so we just sat there and talked about the wrong rub the umpires give us all the

Well just over two weeks until I'm on holidays, I was trying to get time off earlier, but there was too many guys off at the time, so I had to settle for June instead. I'm spending all that time just relaxing, a week up here and then a couple of weeks down in Tassie with the family, I'll have a new nephew by then, and I also have another nephew I haven't met yet, so will be good to see them.

Hopefully I'll catch up with some of you.


The Kings said...

Trust me Chrish - sometimes the Witch Drs are the best :) Hopefully with what she suggested you can get some relief.

The Triffitts said...

You don't really think that you are going to relax when you come down to Tassie do you. You got out of plastering this time but there will be painting and fence building and floors to lay and more painting to do :)