Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Snooze with a view

I've had a change of scenery for the last couple of weeks at work, instead of the old boring Northmead/North Ryde run I usually get lumped with, I've been given the concrete city run instead. I've also been given an offsider to help me out everyday.This is my view for my lunch break the other day, it was getting later on in the day and I thought this would be a nice spot, so we pulled on over and grabbed my lunch and layed on the grass. I must admit I didn't see the view for long, I had a nice 45 minute kip :)
The guy who was with me told me later on there was a guy with a camera who was trying to take a photo of me, but he told him he wasn't allowed. what a crackup.

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The Kings said...

Good to see you blogging again Chrish! WishI could have laid there and had a 45 min nap today! Instead I had Noah home screaming all day!