Sunday, March 28, 2010

C'mon the Rams!!!!

Were back, the mighty Penrith Rams after a big preseason, were into the trial matches and season proper after Easter.

We started off with a family day and a huge crowd as the local under 16's played in the Rams U16 round robin cup.

Whose up for a jumping castle, it was a stinker of a day, way to hot to leave the trees and shade for long.

Receiving my jumper for the year, I'm still walking after a trial match the day before.

Poppy can't hide her excitement that footy is back on!!!
What a Poser, too bad Dave doesn't look so good on the field lately. Hey David!!!

A mix of the old and new, wait till you see the whole new uniform, might have to get David to pose once again for you.

Poor Ande is sick of footy already I think, that's all we watch on the weekends, Ande also took the bottom three pics for me.  Thanks!!!


Kylie's blog said...

I think maybe all those bright colours scared Poppy!

The Kings said...

haha - I'm sure Ande is loving that footy is back on - not! Looks like fun though.

cap said...

your blog is way cooler than mine hahah