Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liffey falls Tasmania

This trip to Tassie I decided to get out and about and do a few more things, so I put a message on facebook about going to Liffey falls and the crew decided they would come as well, well those who could.

The kids had a great time exploring all of the trees and moss and ferns and berry's, it's fun to watch what they call things and were looking for fairys.

I always thought Liffey was beautiful, today proved it again, there was lots of water flowing

The water was freezing, my feet nearly got frost bitten

The gang made it to the bottom of the falls, prams and little babies and all, the kids were troopers.


Kylie's blog said...

Great photos! You've reminded me I need to get back up there.

Anonymous said...

Kylie should have come with us, and Miss Fiona!!!
Lovely blog Chrish.
Liffey is so beautiful, but I think we enjoyed it so much because it was all family together, and it was lovely seeing it through the little one's eyes.
Love Mum.

The Kings said...

AWESOME photos Chrish!

Rebecca said...

AWESOME pics Chrish - it was definitely worth wading the falls for the pics!