Monday, March 22, 2010

Strahan and Gordon River, Tassie

Dad had talked to me about going for a day trip down the westcoast as he wanted to do a cruise on the Gordon river, we got up nice and early around 4.30 and drove on down, whilst on the way we had a problem with Vermin, who had a death wish, within 5 minutes of leaving home, with me driving I had hit 2 wallaby's in 10 seconds and just missed a third and there was a funny noise to the car.  Sorry Dad!!!

Strahan isn't much of a town, but it's very picturesque and pretty.

We headed out to the heads of Macquarie harbour, was rather shallow.

The harbour is thriving in aquaculture, they had lots of  Salmon and trout pens and they sprayed food into the pens through hoses, so they would get a even spread.  Each pen held a phenomonal amount of fish, something like 25,000.

The poor guy walking in looks like he would have a heart attack, when he saw me in charge of piloting the ship, took her around a bend and all and she wasn't a small vessel.

There were two stop off's on the cruise, we spent 10 minutes at this last habitat, which was pretty cool with lots of plants and trees, but you could only walk on the boardwalk and they wouldn't let you fall behind to take pics, it was a shame, it was pretty nice.

Pretty impressive, how old it was, wonder if I'll get to that age??

Because we booked late, there was only the top tier tickets left, so we were up the top of the boat with the best views, anything we wanted to drink and nibblies of Tasmanian goods and a great lunch.

It was pretty cool for the morning, I got dad out and about on just a few occasions, he did have a nice view inside.

Look, how small it is, they crammed over 300 convicts on to this island

The old boat building yard, they made alot of boats from here, I think the rope may be new though??!!

Our guide was pretty cool, they told stories of who was on the island, I missed a few of them though, as I was off taking pics.

Pretty impressive how they used to bake.

The old sleeping quarters.

Me and my boat :)

The scenery was brilliant, crystal clear and gorgeous.

The home stretch towards the end of the day, the mighty Mt Roland.

Thanks for the day Dad, was good to spend sometime with you and to see more of Tassie.


The Kings said...

What a great day. Excellent photos and what a nice lunch too :) I can just see you wanting to go bush for photos.

Nettie's Blog said...

I love the west coast... only been down there three times mind ... the last one was to do the Arthur River Cruise...far better than the Gordon (my comparison)and for getting into the bush, fresh water gian lobster, kingfisher, the biggest and oldest man ferns ever would be in 7th heaven ..we stayed in the little cottage/cabin accomadation just over the bridge on the right and dont go on the old boat ..go on the new one and the food is similar..did you see the sea eagles???? the guy on the boat throws them fish heads and they swoop down..wing span 6ft across...

Kylie's blog said...

Great photos again. I love it down there and have been on the Sarah Isalnd tour - it's kind of creepy especially when the dark clouds roll in and you can imagine how cold and isolated it must have been!

Jamie Wong said...

I was wondering should i pay a visit to Strahan River after reading your post. The pictures you took are great! They're tempting me~~