Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teach a Man to fish.

There's this place that I spent alot of my weekends when I lived in Tassie.  It was never far away depending on how fast or slow you would drive and on the road, there's this great jump if you hit it at speed, but Alas, I ramble on.  PortSorell/Shearwater was always good for a swim, the beach, fishing, playing tennis and seeing friends.
This trip down Eden asked me if I was keen for a fish, and I said of course, so Eden, Steph, Chloe, Lachie, Mum and I headed on down to Portsorell for a fish.  Mum Caught the first catch of the day, look at the size of the lovely seaweed

The People you meet out on the water, miles of it and we come across Levi, Louise and the kids, who were trying to reel in the big one's as well.

Jaws once started out this size, Steph relled in her line after no bites all the time and had this ripper on, we released it to one day eat a boat :)

Seriously, do they get any bigger than this one?  Two bandaids, but I did feel it bite.

Pop always used to tell us, that if we didn't catch any fish, that we weren't holding our mouths right.

The captain got upsurped, by the junior officer, Chloe was soon the captain and was always wanting to try a new spot.  Nice shot by Mum.

A beautiful part of the world.

Lachie had great fun grabbing sand and running to the water and throwing the sand in.


Anonymous said...

Good one Chrish


The Kings said...

DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe he commented on your blog Chrish!!!!!!! He has NEVER commented on mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like a great day! Funny you ran into Levi and Louise.

Anonymous said...

PS Yes, you are still my favourtie (don't tell Lisa)

The Kings said...

hahahahah - I'm wetting myself. Whoever put that comment 'from Dad' (I'm thinking Kylie or Lisa Maree!) is cracking me up.

Country/City Boy said...

Dad is really into it this time, two comments. haha. Guess your going to have to lift your blog skills a little more to get a comment Marge :)

melandpeter said...

haha. Loving the comments. By they way Chrish, did you end up catching anything decent?

Anonymous said...

It was a great day wasn't it Chrish?
The weather was perfect, the water so calm, and the sky so blue, and just a small breeze.
I can't believe how exciting it is to feel a fish at the end of your line, and you reel it in thinking you have the catch of the day, and they end up being totally embarrasing or a bit of seaweed.
Mind you after Steph caught that little shark, and you kept making the sound from Jaws, I was looking around for the Mama shark LOL.

Jony and Scarlett said...

It looks fun, makes me look forward to moving down despite having to wait 1/2 a year to even think about braving the water. It's nice that you have such fun filled visits back home. Take care of yourself!

Rebecca said...

love that pic of Eden and the first mate!!