Monday, April 5, 2010

Learning photoshop

Lisa has been trying to teach me photoshop over the internet, there's alot of questions all the time, and Emails and phone calls flying off everywhere all the time.

Sassafras Tasmania

One of my very close friends daughters

Two of Ryan Hargreaves kids

Aaron and the boys wrestling

Fiona Harding took photos for our family and a few of the rest of us were running around with out own cameras capturing different moments.

Very sticky delicious mess.

You can tell which photos were taken with my old camera and which one's are taken with the new DSLR


Anna said...

Loving your photos Chrish!

Watson said...

Looks like you're learning heaps Chrish. Keep the photos coming Chrish.

The Kings said...

Doesn't an SLR make such a difference!! You are going well Chrish - especially considering we are doing it through messages and phone calls!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love that photo that you took at Sassafrass Chrish.
I think it is my very favourite.
I would like to put it on a canvas and put it in the office above the computer.
You and Lisa are really enjoying this.
Love Mum.

:: fiona harding :: said...

Amazing Chish. Your photos are brilliant. Well done. Lisa's doing a fantastic job teaching you. I think you should pay her with chocolate!!

The Kings said...

oh yes I agree Fiona! :)

Country/City Boy said...

Chocolate hey, hmm we shall have to think on that one!!! :) haha

She's doing pretty good with me I think, probably would be easier to sit there and she can yell at me when I do something wrong. haha

Now I need to learn how to shoot nature pics!!??

The Kings said...

me too Chrish, me too!

Nettie's Blog said...

Hey Chrish you are getting a bit good at this photography i detect a there might be chance of a change of career here?????
you could do it you know...
you have a great coach too...she loves chocolate you know!!!

Stephannie said...

Great photos. I bet they look better in real life when they aren't pixally.