Monday, April 19, 2010

A baby blessing and get together

Yesterday the 18th of April, Ryan and Nicole Hargeaves had their newest edition to the family blessed in Richmond Chapel, her name is Ame'lie Isabella Hargreaves and I was blessed enough to be invited to her blessing.

Bro John Hargreaves was able to be over here for the blessing.

One of Ryan and Nicole's friends little girls

I had fun snapping pics of all the kids running around and playing and doing their thing.

Sister Colleen Hargreaves and two of her grandkids.

The proud parents
Ame'lie and her Dad sharing a moment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Chrish for showing off our latest great grand daughter. Great pics of the other family members too. Pyper will surely break a few hearts in the future!

George & Ali

The Kings said...

Chrish your photos are awesome!!!! You are getting really good. Very special photos, of a very special day.

Anonymous said...

Love Mum.

Watson said...

Beautiful photos Chrish! I bet they'll love having those special photos.

Nettie's Blog said...

Hetor Protector ..what happened to all Ryan's hair??????
i didnt recognise him... do you have a blog address for him??? i would love to pop by and say Hi ..he did used to board with us once (Well who hasn't boarded witht he Clarks??? i ask you???)
Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous family... you are getting good at photoshop ..i had my lesson witht he quees Lisa and /fiona last night...yeah...(dont know if i will get the hang of it with just one lesson but i will practise and who knows ???!!!!

Country/City Boy said...

Sorry Sis C, Ryan doesn't have a Blog, I could probably get an Email address for Nicole, if u want to write them

Jony and Scarlett said...

Hi Chrish, Love the last one, it's my favorite!!! It was great to see you looking sharp as ever... hope you can at least drop in on Anzac Day if you are free!