Saturday, March 1, 2008

lil update

Just thought I'd say hi and let you know I'm still alive barely, pretty rubbish week with my health actually, but today is seeming good so far, good enough to perhaps go down and play an intraclub footy game and see if I can actually mark the ball still.

Dad arrived on Wednesday night and to try and save money I thought I'd drive round and round the airport and try to save parking fees, well after about the 7th lap and numerous phone calls I figured you better just park. I walked in and sat at the carousel while everyone got their bags. Well Dad called he was outside already, we crossed paths somewhere, don't know how, it's not that big an airport.

Dad had decided he wanted to come to work with me for a day to see what I actually do, but we weren't able to as insurance won't let us. We were going to flaunt the rules, but I had a guy with me for the day anyway. Man Did it bucket down, the rain was soaking us, as soon as we got out of the truck we were soaked, lucky for us the heater worked and we were able to get relatively dry each time. I actually worked for 13.5 hrs thursday and I think Dad was suprised a little. Yesterday i made up for it with only doing a little day of 11 hrs.

Dad has spent abit of time up at the temple doing sealings and seeing Tash and Tom take out their Endowments and get sealed this morning. I popped up for a spin this morning to see the Rouses and Wilsons, they seem to be doing pretty good.

Well I'm getting ready to go kick the ball, so you all have a good day now you hear.

I'll try and get the old man back to you safely!!


The Kings said...

Chrish - have you been to the Dr!? Look after yourself! (yes Mum!!) lol

Simone Triffitt said...

You work such long days. You must be so exhausted alot, even on the days when you are feeling well. Fit a rest in there sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Chrish, Chrish, Chrish. No I,m not going to give you a lecture. What can I say? Love Mum xxxx