Monday, March 17, 2008

Steam ears

Well the net is on till the end of the month, so I thought I'd blog away till then. Even after then you may get an update of my slow life from time to time as I'm always at Dave and Ande's most saturday nights. We usually play footy and then head back there and have our junkfood night, or Should I say eat out night :)

Talking of Saturday, I was playing the wii on saturday morning and Dave called to see what I was doing and then goes do you want to come to Parramatta or are you going to be lazy and stay in bed. Seems as though work gave him a David Jones voucher, so he wanted to go get some clothes. I think he's worse than a girl when it comes to choosing what he wants and trying them on. The funniest thing was when he goes " I hate to say this, but I need Ande" I wonder how many more of the hubby's need you wife's to help them out. hehe. Is over an hour for a pair of trousers and three shirts the average?

I played another two quarters of footy on the weekend and I got to choose my position, so seeing as though I don't feel like running at the moment, I put myself up forward. Good choice I think, I see myself up there more this year, though it will just be reserve grade footy. I kicked a goal and set 3 up, so I was happy with how i am starting to go. One thing I learnt though was when you've taken a few nurafen plus, you may get hurt in the game and not really realise after the first minute of pain, but a few hours later, you wonder why you can't walk and your leg hurts.

Today I was having a cruisy day and then bang, whack and whallop. I had to deliver a pallet to the easter show at homebush, which starts this thursday and when I got there the guards wouldn't let me in, seems as though you need a special pass for the show, so I had to wait and ring the boss. He knew but had forgotten to give me the pass, so he made me come back to work for it which was about 30 mins drive away. On the way back another guy called me to see when I was going to deliver it, as it was supposed to be there by 2pm and it was like 1.40, I told him what happened, so he had to call them. I grabbed the pass and headed back and went to the gate again, and he goes, nope, wrong gate and they wont let you in with a photocopy anyway, but go try if you want. Well I did want to try, but nope they wouldn't let me in either. By this stage I was getting agitated, yes hard to believe....Not... I called work again and told them the photocopy was no good and they made a call and 20 mins later, the people from womens weekly came out with a pass for me. I delivered the pallet and on the way out one of the forklift drivers came out and goes do you have more, I go nope, I'm out of here, so he goes, well next time don't come over here, your not supposed to. I said this is where we always deliver to, he goes no you don't, I said mate I've been doing this for over a year and we always do shows here. I was so over it, he said some other things and I think i'd have been in one of those cartoons where the character has steam shooting out his ears. Kinda funny now I look back at it.

The show looks like it will be alot of fun though.


Anonymous said...

Very tight security there Chrish! It's rare for you to have steam ears! They must of been really annoying and rude. What was it that you were delivering?
Your favourite sister

The Kings said...

Okay - this is REALLY your favourite sister now :) Nicki was posing as it for a bit :)
Good on you for going shopping with Dave - an hour for 4 things sounds very good to me!

Anonymous said...

This is your favourite mother except for your future mother-in law Love Mum xxxx