Sunday, March 18, 2012

A family get together

 The family usually get together once a month for an afternoon and after Aaron had just passed away and while I was still down we all went out to Mum and Dad's and rode the bikes and head tea together.

 The kids loved the cupcakes from the lovely cupcake fairy.

 Two of my nieces Kelsea and Maddi.

 Jared taking all the kids for a spin.

 Poor Kobe was just about to fall apart, but I had to take this photo of him with sheep poo on his toes before I cleaned him up.

 Eden and his son Lachie.

 Jared and his daughter Kelsea

 Alex and his son "little" Alex

 Just hanging out with the nephews

 Eden with Lachie and Hugh

 Marge is always good for a haircut!!

 Steph and Hugh

 Eden wishing he grew up in the flower power days.

 Jack and Hugh


 Dad hanging out with his motley crew.

 Becky and Jack.

 Eden, Jared and Dad.

 Alex stirring up all the kids :)

 Grandma(Mum) getting in on a pillow fight.

I miss getting to hang out with everyone together and talking or just fooling around.  

Love you guys!!


The Kings said...

Lovely pics Chrish. We love you too xx

Watson said...

Nice photos Chrish. Not long until we do it all over again for Easter.

Anonymous said...

We love ou too Chrish, and when you come home to Tassie we can do it every month with you.
Love Mum.

Becky said...

Family is BEST! I'm starting to really figure out who's who. :) I'll have 'em all down pat by the time I come out. I love that Marge! xxx

Simone Triffitt said...

Beautiful post Chrish. xx

Nettie's Blog said...

one way to fix that you know...move back home...we sure miss you too you know...and i am not even related!!!!!!(you could adopt me and Kelv if you like...he he)

Carli said...

Families! So good to have one.