Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Obsession.

Do you have an obsession that costs you a lot of Money!?

I have an obsession that costs me too much money, whenever the next book from my favourite authors come out, then I have to have their book for my collection.    Clive Cussler has always been one of my favourite Authors I have 48 of his books. I also love Patrick Robinson, Matthew Reilly, Tom Clancy, James Patterson and Dale Brown.

I don't know how people can use the new Ebooks, there's nothing quite like being able to feel the pages as you turn them or the smell of a nice new book!


Kylie's blog said...

I'm with you - nothing like a "real" book. I've started collecting my favourite Aussie author Michael Robotham's thrillers - not too expensive so far as he's only written 7 and hopefully will write one a year so I can afford to keep up :)

Anonymous said...

I 'get' you on having the real books Chrish.
I love books, the feel of the pages, the smell of them, and I love to keep a book if I really loved reading it.
Love Mum.

Stephannie said...

Library card? :)