Sunday, July 27, 2008

A new Nephew

Well by now most of you would have read on Lisa's blog about Eden and Steph and Chloe's news about a new baby boy being born last night after a very short labour or so it seems to me. If not i'm sure there will be an update on her page by this afternoon with pictures of the new nephew for the family, which is pretty exciting news for all of us. As of yet, there isn't a name as both Eden and Steph have their favourite names.

I was only just talking to Steph on the phone the night before and she said there wasn't a rumbling from him yet, but then last night, saturday night he decided it was fine time to come into the world and see everyone. He decided to come so quickly, that Steph's mum who is down staying and is a midwife was asked to come with them as they thought they wouldn't make it to hospital and it was a close thing after having made it, he decided to arrive within 5-10 minutes.

Congrats to Eden and Steph and Chloe, can't wait to see pics and meet the little fella

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