Friday, July 25, 2008

Where did sleep go?

I know I shouldn't complain because all of you mothers and fathers of newborns out there get alot less sleep, but this week twice the nurses have come in at 2am to take temps and obs and once they have left me alone I can't get back to sleep. Yes hand me a tissue I need to have a cry.haha

I've just realised I've got over 50 posts done now, not bad for a old farm boy in my opinion, but it's been over a week, so here I am once again. Is there something significant or uplifting to share with you? I guess that all depends on where your at in life or wanting to be at. No really, not alot to share with you in that department, so I'll just update you with whats been happening in the life of Christian.

Well the doctor has just been again, moving up in the world by the looks of it, moving from a clear fluid diet, up to a soft diet once again. I've been here before, last weekend it was looking like everything had gone great and that I would be getting home monday or tuesday of this week, so seeing as though I would need help for a week or two, or I felt like I'd like to go home and recuperate for awhile I talked with Mum and Dad about coming up for a little bit to help me out, without realising Dad was also going into hospital or I wouldn't have bothered them. Mum still came up on the Monday night to stay, but on the saturday ,we had some complications and everything went backwards and we got put back at least a week from where I should be at.

Mum has been at home looking after the place and coming to visit when she can get a lift with friends, seems like she has washed and ironed all my clothes, even tshirts that I'd never touch and old work clothes. I think she needs a rest up as she has had migraines and has had to go see a doctor already, perhaps I might need to send her home to recuperate with Dad.

A visit from the surgeon now, you are all getting the right here and now update. Things are great according to her and she was expecting last weeks set back, but thinks now should be fine. The good thing about food and fluids again is actually being to take them, the last few days I've had a pipe in through the nose into the throat to drain all the extra much coming from the stomach I was throwing up and oh how painful it was to swallow and to talk to people when they would visit or ring to talk, so sorry if I didn't feel up to it, feels alot better out now, though last night it felt like I still have a phantom tube in and it was sitting there taped on my nose still and slowly moving.

It's suprising how much unhungry you can actually feel after a week of no food, they actually have put a central line in me and have been feeding me ptn, which runs through the central line and gives me all the extra nutrients and protein and vitamins which my body needs, as i'm told my body is pretty run down and needs extra help.

The funny thing is one of the specialists came in during the week and he goes as doctors were not supposed to say this, but for the next few months we want you to tuck into kfc, mcdonalds, pizza, hungry jacks and all those type of fast food places, to get your calories up, so the body recuperates more, so you will be ready for your next trip to see us. Kinda interesting, but who can disagree with doctors hey. haha. Any excuse will do me.

I've had more books brought in so I can read and magazines like womans day, I can just see you sniggering and laughing at that, but it's all for the reading of course, the good articles in them, recipes and stuff of course, not for the idol gossip that feels the first 30 pages.

Has anyone watched scrubs before? I hadn't, but a friend thought she'd send the first season of them over here for me to watch on the laptop to fill in time, plus she likes the show. I've chopped my way through 3 0f the 4 discs, not my favourite series out, but a good time filler all the time.

Well signing off for now, hope all you bloggers are doing great, keep updating, I need some good laughs and stories of what your all up to.


The Kings said...

Chrish - so glad things are starting to pick up again. Hopefully you can get home soon and start eating normal food again soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chrish if you're interested we have all the 24 seasons. Top show that one is! Let me know if you want some, and I'll post some up. We also have The Unit which is a show that would be right up your ally. Get stuck into the KFC while you're watching!

Marnie said...

Hey Chrish- nice to have an update from you! Im glad your mum could come up there to help out- I hope she doesnt get any more migraines. Yeah, I know lots of people who love Scrubs, Ive havent seen much of it though. Have you seen The Office? Its the best show in the world, and you should get your hands on a copy- if you cant let me know and Ill send you a copy- its so awesome! Take care :-)

Simone Triffitt said...

Nice the Dr was expecting your setback! What, was she glad it happened? Oh that fast food sounds good. You know we do have McDonalds and Pizza Hut down here!! (hint, hint)

Carli said...

Chrish, you're life is a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment. You've invented a new word 'unhungry'! Love it! Take care of yourself and look forward to those days of comsuming the calories in the name of personal health. Hope you win the organic stuff!