Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cartoons can come real

Today has flown along, does it ever suprise you how fast the day actually goes when your doing something. Perhaps it might also have something to do with crawling out of bed at 10am.
Dad had a tree felled as it was taking over one of the powerlines, so today we got out there and we cleaned it up. Seeing as though I hadn't played with a chainsaw for awhile, I decided I should probably do that part of it, and Dad got to take the wood away and put it in the trailer. I must admit I had fun, it always feels good to have a little power.
Abit of damage done, you know how you see those cartoons of people and they step on the end of the rake? It's a cartoon right!!?? Wrong, I came across it in real life today. Looking back on it it's quite funny, but at the time it killed and nope I didn't even swear, even with my eyes watering. I was cleaning up towards the end of the day and went to grab the rake to rake the littler stuff up and I reached for the rake and took one too many steps and whack, right in the forehead. You could hear the wood hit and Dad even looked around to see what happened.
Not too fussed after about 5 minutes.
A boy just having fun
Whacking into it.
So the moral of the story is some cartoons are real life. Umm I meant look out where your walking or you may get hit in the forehead!!


Kristen said...

Ouch Chrish, that looks really sore!! It would have been pretty funny to see happen, just like you said 'something out of a cartoon.'

The Kings said...

Ouch!!!! You are funny. Aaron, Jared and I have been cracking up - probably wasn't funny for you though! Glad you are keeping busy.

aaron.king said...

At least it hit you in the hardest part of your body!!!

Marnie said...

haha- glad your eyes were just watering, and that you werent actually crying!

make it perfect said...

haha - that is so funny chrish...looks sore though! take it easy before you have to go back to work.