Tuesday, September 30, 2008

random pics

I got my camera back this week and on the memory card there was 380 odd pictures. Was kinda fun looking back through them and remembering people and places.

Just me taken yesterday for fun

A good friend Lindy who was visiting with the lakes in the background

One of my favourite people, Monique, isn't she so cute

Two lovely Sisters, Cass and LissA little rough, but I quite liked the pics

Poor Chloe didn't know what to do, she was enthralled though

Locked up

A bit of family fun down at Pop and Nans

New years eve down in ulverstone with Nicki and Alex



Is that your famous sister Lisa singing karaoke???

Oh, and Christian - GO THE HAWKS!!!

Kylie in Tassie

Country/City Boy said...

Kylie, I knew her before she was famous. Haha

The Kings said...

haha - you two are funny. Those photos are a crack up!!!!I look heaps younger then. :( You look GREAT Chrish!!! You have put on heaps of weight and it suits you.

Paige said...

No offense intended, but the foursome sheet pics of you would make a great mug-shot. He-He!