Friday, September 12, 2008

a little of my week

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY---It's Jays birthday today--the big 9 years old.

Well I'm back home, it's kinda nice being back in your own place, though not as easy as being looked

I came home monday night and the next day was beautiful so I took my bike out for a spin, I love the power and speed that it has. Just open the throttle and bang you flying along. I also had to go see the specialist, was the last time for quite awhile luckily.

Wednesday spent the day bludging round, didn't do alot. Dave and Ande were getting new carpet in, so I went around afterwards to take a geeze, Ande was putting Moniques bunk bed back together, so I helped with that for awhile.

Thursday was spent doing much the same, apart of the bunk was broke so went over and put a new board on it, then stayed for tea. I must have been tired as I fell asleep on the couch and Ande let me sleep while she fed the girls.

Today I went to see the Surgeon and discussed with her the next steps were going to take with the little problem we have had. I didn't realise the problems that could happen or how hard it will be to do, but We've decided it would be best to go ahead with more surgery, which with the waiting list will be 6-12 months down the track. Just have to fill in the paperwork and drop it back in to the hospital.

I also went to kmart and bought bedlinen, quite a shock for me, not something I like to do usually, but I felt like a little change, and so a fresh quilt cover seemed like an idea.

Afterwards I went to medicare and it was packed out, after a little bit, I was able to get a seat to sit on, but after a minute or two a lady came in and stood behind me. I thought it was best if she sat down, so I sat on the ground and gave it to her. She was very appreciative and thanked me, and another lady next to her also commented, that that doesnt happen anymore. She also said she hoped her son grew up like me. was pretty funny, though I got embarrassed about it and said it was no problem.

Well that was my week, oh wait I did also put my camera in to be fixed. I had this nice camera that Lisa used to laugh at because she thought it was huge whenever I brought it down to tassie with me, but about 6 months ago, it just wouldnt turn on, when I went to use it, so this week I decided it was time to get it fixed and back taking good photos, instead of the camera phone. So hopefully I'll have it back soon and I can put new pics on my blog :)

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The Kings said...

You are a gentleman Chrish! :) Good that you are getting your camera fixed! It would probably seem tiny to me now.