Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Mission Call

When I moved to Sydney, it was to do with the Rance family, who invited me to come up with them and over the 8 years I've been here, I've lived with them on and off. The first house that they Rented we converted half the garage into a room and I shared with their Sons Daniel and Luke. It was quite Squishy at times and so we got to know each other even better :)

I've always been treated as part of the family and today I got invited over as Luke had gotten his mission call in the mail after waiting for it. So tonight I wandered over to see him open the call and see where he was going.

The look as he finds out he is going to serve in the Newzealand Wellington Mission, If I remember right he has to report to the MTC in Hamilton on the 22nd of January, so he has a little wait until that time.

The Rance family and Oma Ziesel.

I think they were all excited to hear the news and Cassie was even listening in on the phone over in Perth. Luke has wanted to serve for awhile, so he will make a good missionary.

Does it seem to anyone that the missionaries are getting younger? I'm sure I was never that young, though looking back on photos, I might have been. Perhaps I'm just getting older!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Luke! It looks as though it's warm over there with everyone wearing shorts. The wood fires are still going over here.

Paige said...

Old age is a relative. But it really does makes me feel old when the clerk @ the market calls me "ma'am"

The Kings said...

That is very exciting!! Yes - I'm sure the missionaries are like 12 now!!! Lovin' the new photos of your fixed camera Chrish!