Friday, October 31, 2008

My Net Sucks

This week my internet has decided to go on holiday, sure I could look at the net, but each click of the keypad took like 5 minutes for a page to load, so I'd usually give up. Tonight seemed to be doing the same, but then it started to work, so I thought I'd try to Blog, but it seems not to be working, well the uploading of pics anyway. Actually I lie, they have just come through :)

I started off the week and thought a career change could be in order, so if the hat fits :)

A few of the locals out for a dip at Cronulla beach

I went and checked out the Scenery at Kurnell to see what all the fuss about the desalination plant was about. It was really quite pretty and scenic out there

I was wondering what the traffic jam was about for 3.30 in the afternoon, seems like a helicopter decided to make an appearance on the main highway out Sutherland way, as a motorcyclist was hit and needed to be lifted out. Any money it was a stupid car driver who caused it.
.Must have been a little bright that day.

This was absolutely gorgeous in real life

If I can't get the house on the beach, perhaps a house close to the river with a boat??!!


Marnie said...

nice pics chrish- you sure do get to see some pretty cool sights on your job- beats being stuck in the same building every day!

i have a new blog-
come cisit me there!!!

The Kings said...

Looks like you are loving work Chrish!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're auditioning for the Village People Chrish !!! Ican see why you wanted to get back in your truck. Nice job if you can get it. You look great. Love Mum xxx

Paige said...

Come on over for Halloween! I don't really care for it too much. I like that the kids enjoy dressing up, but I hate taking them to "beg" for candy. The whole idea drives me crazy. I'm glad it's only once a year.

Jess Bradbury said...

Haha maybe you could get a nice woman to go along with that house/riverboat, Haha! :P