Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank Goodness your here Night

This past weekend has been a long weekend for us in Sydney and Penrith stake had a mini convention. I've been trying to upload photos since friday night so I could blog a few times, but haven't been able to until I bought some new software, so now you get all the blogs close together.

Have you seen the show thank God your here and whose line is it anyway? Well Friday night was based on these shows.

She walked in to be a fitness instructor on how to use this certain bit of equipment, needless to say it didn't go so well for her

Captain supremo from a kids show

Captain Supremos groupies

Came into a kids party and got to sing his songs, was quite hilarious

Health inspector came into a retirement home, no exit doors, so she said they can jump out the windows

Take a guess what these two were up to or where they were.......
Did you guess???
They are actually sitting in two toilet stalls and they dont have any toilet paper, so they start talking, it was hilarious, the member of stake liked it so mucvh he got them to do it again. A little dodgy at times. lol

A guy shows up to meet his wife for a counselling session with a golf club. enough said.

Centrelink interview for a billionaire taking money off the government

Big private school with three motos they follow, Soccer, Rugby and Rugby League

Chef at a restaurant

It was a pretty fun night to watch


The Kings said...

Ha ha - what a crack up!!! Aaron and I keep saying that would be an awesome activity. We love that show.

Marnie said...

hahahaha- how funny- that would have been an awesome night chrish!

Anonymous said...

Looks like heaps of fun Chrish. Did you go in any of them?