Sunday, October 26, 2008

Night of Mayhem

Yesterday I got a phone call from Daniel and so we went to Parramatta raceway for the night for the local speedway. I had been up here once in the time I've been here and remember going to the speedway in Tassie, so thought I'd take the camera to grab some pics.

Last night they had some monster trucks there as well, they didn't come out for much time tho.

The crowd was right into it

There was a van there with a jet engine that blew flames out and they burnt up a car with it, the noise was just like a plane going overhead

I think the best thing about the speedway is the smell of fuel, it's distinct from normal fuel. There were also some rollovers and some big hits into the walls. The Demolition derby finished off the night as per usual.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a typical day at our house at weekends when all you boys were rev-heads. Love Mum xxx

The Kings said...

Such a boys night!! Looks like fun.