Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Turtle

With my job in the special services department at work, we get alot of different jobs to do and alot of these jobs are for two men to do. Since I have been back at work I've been that second man to help out the other driver throughout the day, as they are trying to slowly work me back in, to see how I cope with things. I've been out with a few different drivers so far and today I was back with the turtle.

I gave the turtle his nickname a few months back and he's even started calling himself that. Do you remember the old story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

Let me retell the story for you in modern times.

There were three truck drivers and they had to go to the city and do a pick up from one of the big shows that they have each year. Each of these drivers had their own truck and so they helped each other pick up the goods and after awhile they were full and their was nothing else to pick up. So being full they decided perhaps it was time to head back to work and they had a discussion which way to go back, Two decided to go one way and the other suggested an alternate route, but seeing as though he was out numbered decided to follow along the other route. This route was an easy way, just a few motorways to follow, so off they went.

Things were going smooth until they hit the spped camera and after they went past that a couple of them decided that they were going to go a little faster. Two of them tore ahead and kept on overtaking each other to get back to the depot first, one of them was quite happy when he had got to the second last round about first and thought he had the prize won, the said prize being bragging rights. Alas to his dismay, he wasn't first to the line, the slow driver had taken an alternate route down the highway instead of the motorway and instead of being held up in traffic, had made up the extra time he was behind and went tearing through the round about and arrived at work before the other two.

The turtle today, he is always a blast to tease about that day and always has a smile once he has a coffee or caffeine.


Watson said...

Ha ha! He even looks a bit like a turtle!

The Kings said...

Crack up!!

melandpeter said...

I liked the modern retelling Chrish. By the way I have been meaning to ask for ages...what is your main pic on your blog all about - the one with all the weird mannequins???